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90-Day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions – Quick Facts

      • In BC you get a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) from driving if the police think you blew a “Fail” on an Approved Screening Device. Your right to drive is suspended for 90 days, your car is impounded for 30 at your expense. The Office of the Superintendent may force you to take the Responsible Driver Program (approx $996) and have an interlock device installed in your vehicle (approx. $1700) before you can get your licence back.
      • If the police think you have Refused to Blow into the ASD, you will be immediately prohibited from driving for 90 days. In all cases, your vehicle is impounded, you pay for the storage, towing, as well as a fine and a license reinstatement fee. If you receive a 30 or 90-day IRP, you can be forced to take the Responsible Driver Program (minimum $880) and have an interlock device installed in your vehicle (approx. $1700) before you can get your licence back.
      • In BC you get an Immediate Roadside Driving Prohibition (IRP) if the police think you blew a “Warn” on a roadside breathalyzer. Your right to drive is suspended for 3, 7, or 30 days, depending on your driving record.
      • Immediate Roadside Prohibitions start immediately and remain in effect unless the prohibition is lifted on review.
      • Impaired Driving is also a crime in British Columbia. If convicted of Driving Over .08, Impaired Driving or Refusal you must pay a minimum fine $1000 and you get a criminal record. After completing a minimum 1-year driving suspension, you must complete the Responsible Driver Program (minimum $880) and you must to have an interlock device installed in your vehicle (approx. $1700) before you can get your licence back.
      • At our Law Offices located in Vancouver, Richmond Victoria and Surrey we use all of the defences known to law and we have developed a number of new defences to help our clients avoid a driving prohibition.
      • If we have your IRP prohibition revoked, your license will be re-instated, your vehicle released and ICBC will pay for the towing and storage fees.

Defending Your Case

Vancouver driving lawyer Paul Doroshenko has been successfully defending Driving Prohibitions, Impaired Driving, Over .08 and Refusal to Blow cases throughout British Columbia for over 15 years, so he knows the defences that work and how to challenge driving prohibitions and criminal driving offences. Not only does he maintain an extensive library of DUI precedents, he owns ALL OF THE BREATHALYZERS that the police commonly use and he knows how they work.

Sarah Leamon, Kyla Lee and Sacha Roudette have been defending Immediate Driving Prohibitions since the start of the new DUI law in British Columbia. They have particular knowledge of the defences in IRP cases, as well as specific knowledge and records of particular Approved Screening Devices that are known to provide inaccurate breath-test readings.

John Cheevers has successfully defended drunk driving cases in BC for over 36 years. His vast knowledge of criminal procedure provides him with the edge so often needed to successfully challenge the breath test readings.

We know that you need to keep your license and avoid a criminal record. As skilled driving lawyers with the right expertise Paul Doroshenko, Kyla Lee, Sarah Leamon, Sacha Roudette and John Cheevers can challenge your driving suspension or criminal driving charge.

Call us for a free consultation and learn how we can successfully defend your IRP or drunk driving charge.

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Note about the Remedial Programs:
Because of our efforts, the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (RoadSafetyBC) has created a review process to determine whether a referral to the remedial programs is warranted. If you receive a letter from the Office of the Superintendent telling you that they’re referring you to the RDP and to get an interlock, call us and we’ll explain the review process.

For more information the interlock and RDP review process see: Reconsideration of a Referral to Remedial Programs.