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Administrative Driving Prohibitions FAQ

Immediate Roadside Prohibition Questions

The Most Successful IRP Law Firm Acumen Law Corporation answers some of the most perplexing questions about IRPs.

If you have just received and IRP, you may want to visit our FAQs – Immediate Roadside Prohibitions page where we answer the questions people have when they first receive an IRP.

Frequently asked questions about ADP Administrative Driving Prohibitions in British Columbia from the leading BC law office defending MVA prohibitions and driving suspensions.

I received an Administrative Driving Prohibition. Should I dispute it?

Yes. If you do not dispute the prohibition you are deemed to accept it. Normally, when we obtain the Report from RoadSafetyBC, we can tell you whether you will win or lose on the review. We have a library of successful ADP review decisions. If you are successful on your ADP review you can get your license back from ICBC Driver Services.

How does ICBC find out about my driving prohibition?

The Police officer must complete a document called a Report to Superintendent (click for an example) for all Administrative Driving Prohibitions and fax the document to RoadSafetyBC.

How do I dispute the 90-day ADP driving prohibition?

Call our office. After retaining your lawyer, an Application for Review is filed at an ICBC licensing office.

How long do I have to file my dispute?

You have seven days to file your Application for Review from the date you are served the Notice of Prohibition (example). If you miss the deadline, you are deemed to accept the prohibition. Many people miss the deadline date thinking that they have 21 days to dispute the prohibition. Although the prohibition does not come into effect for 21 days, the dispute period is only seven days.

Should I get a Lawyer for the ADP Hearing?

You have a much better chance of success if you have a lawyer with expertise in defending 90-day prohibitions. There are three main reasons to have a lawyer represent you for your ADP hearing.

1. An experienced lawyer knows the law and the defences.
2. Some lawyers will have access to documents and material that you would not otherwise have to defend your case.
3. We have succeeded with defences that no one else in British Columbia had ever found
4. Only a lawyer has privilege.

When a lawyer makes submissions, his statements are not evidence. The disputant who conducts his or her own hearing runs the risk of providing evidence that is used against them to uphold the prohibition. For example, if you defend yourself, the adjudicator may simply ask questions to clarify errors made by the police.

We have been defending Administrative Driving Prohibitions for year so we know the defences that work.

Read some of our successful ADP decisions and call to schedule a free consultation: 604-685-8889 in Vancouver, 604-370-3050 in Richmond, 250-384-0100 in Victoria, and 604-593-8580 in Surrey BC.

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