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BC Government – RCMP Scheme Revealed in Immediate Roadside Prohibition Law

BC Government – RCMP Scheme Revealed in Immediate Roadside Prohibition Law

Defective Breathalyzer news report

Lawyers from Acumen Law Corporation have recently published their findings after years of research and fighting battles against the Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) within the legal system. The company’s lawyers claim that the BC Government, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles and the RCMP were all well aware of a problem with specific roadside breathalyzers which were being used to charge thousands of citizens under the IRP law since 2010.

Kyla Lee, a lawyer for Acumen, recently published a blog post on the company’s website where she revealed details and the background of the battle that Acumen lawyers have been fighting. HautNews spoke to Lee about her post,

“I have no problem going on record using the word [scheme] because what is really going on meets the true definition of the word, ‘scheme.’”

Not only does the IRP law (scheme) negatively affect British Columbians, the BC IRP law that was put in place back in 2010 has been used as a model by other Canadian provinces too. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario have modeled similar prohibition laws based on the badly broken BC IRP law.
Since the law has negatively affected thousands of people in BC, it is very likely that there are several more thousands of families affected by a similar prohibition law in their province of residence as well.

Background Facts

The Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) was enacted in BC in September 2010. Essentially, the law replaced the standard Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or standard DUI.

The law allowed enforcers to immediately punish a driver at the roadside stop, based solely on the results of a roadside breathalyzer test.


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