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Crumbling IRP scheme – another big BC Supreme Court decision

Crumbling IRP Scheme

The BC Supreme Court released an important decision last week in an IRP appeal hearing. This decision opens the door for defences to IRPs that should have worked from the beginning. The decision is located here: Wilson v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) 2013 BCSC 1638. This is another example of the crumbling IRP scheme that we've discussed before. The Motor Vehicle Act specifically states that, in order to issue an Immediate Roadside Prohibition, a peace officer must make a demand under the Criminal Code for a breath sample, the result must be either a Warn or a Fail,...

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Back to School Special: What you should be teaching your children

Teaching your children about the police

Ah, September. The time of year when children head back to school. In the Lower Mainland of BC in particular this is a special time of year as students head back to university. And many new university students move into the Lower Mainland from around the world. It’s a special time of year. You can almost smell the alcohol fumes and poor decisions as they waft off the post-secondary campuses. But in all seriousness, the new freedom enjoyed by your children as they head off to university can also come with some problems. Everyone makes mistakes. We understand that better than...

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There’s been a change of policy

There's been a change in policy at the OSMV when it comes to the RDP and IIP

If you received a 90-day IRP or ADP in the last 8 months, you might have thought that you were very lucky for having avoided being forced through the so-called remedial programs. After all, months went by and you probably didn't receive a letter from the Office of the Superintendent telling you that you had to pay for the Responsible Drivers Program (RDP) course or get an Interlock (IIP) installed in your car. Unfortunately, there's been a change of policy. And if you're reading this, you probably know a little of what we're talking about. A really short history of the...

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What does this Superintendent’s Report kerfuffle mean to me?

The Superintendent's Report on ASD was ruled inadmissible so you should appeal your review decision

Last week we received a decision in BC Supreme Court in one of our IRP appeals in which the court ruled that the Superintendent’s Report on Approved Screening Devices is inadmissible in IRP review hearings. Since then, former clients and readers of our blog have been emailing to ask what it all means. This is the question of the week, so here we are to answer. The Superintendent’s Report is a document sent to people who applied to have a review of their Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP). It was produced by the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. The...

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