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Vancouver Criminal Law Blog
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Vancouver photocopy debacle: IRPs issued on photocopied evidence

DUI and IRP expert Paul Doroshenko shows the evidence is unreliable

In early September 2012 we were reviewing disclosure in a client's Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) case issued in Vancouver and we noticed that something was a little funky. Now, we are aware that the ASDs in Vancouver have a long history of being improperly calibrated and of having serious reliability problems. So we generally look at evidence from Vancouver with greater scrutiny. What we noticed was that the Certificates of Qualified ASD Calibrator provided in this one particular case were identical, with the exception of the serial number and service expiry date of each device. Although the Certificates purported to contain...

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Drunk driving cases tossed due to bad paperwork

Vancouver drunk driving expert lawyer doroshenko

Roughly seventeen drunk driving cases have been thrown out after police cut corners by photocopying alcohol breath test calibration forms. When defence lawyer Paul Doroshenko was working on a case involving suspected drunk drivers he represented, he found that calibration forms police fill out to prove breath tests are working had been photocopied, including the officer’s signature. “We noticed that the police in Vancouver were not actually going through and completing one of these documents for each time that they calibrated and checked the device,” Doroshenko said. “We have no idea whether or not this police officer was actually going through the steps...

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RDP and Interlock review at the OSMV

RDP and interlock reveiw at the OSMV

As we reported last week, the strong legal arguments that we presented concerning the so-called remedial requirements put the Government's back against the wall and now they are conducting an RDP and Interlock review at the OSMV for 1200 drivers who were in limbo due to Sivia. We got the ball rolling when we first learned of this group of people back in late September 2012. We put our plan into motion when six courageous British Columbians decided to take a stand and challenge the decision. These clients, who are the heroes of this story, instructed us to take this all...

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B.C.reviewing drunk driving penalties after laws challenged

Paul Doroshenko specialist in impaired driving law comments on the OSMV and the legal arguments that forced the Government to change course.

Strong legal challenges from motorists forced to pay thousands of dollars in costs as part of the government's get-tough impaired driving laws have prompted a review that could put the brakes on drunk driving penalties worth more than $2,600 for some drivers, says British Columbia's deputy superintendent of motor vehicles. "What's happened is we've had some petitions lately with some strong legal arguments," said Stephanie Melvin. "We've taken another look at what we're trying to do." Vancouver lawyer Paul Doroshenko, whose practice specializes in impaired driving cases, estimates about a half dozen of the 17 motorists who sparked the government review are...

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OSMV reviewing 1,200 Immediate Roadside Prohibition files

BC OSMV reviews IRP files

There is a much more updated post on this topic dealing with the reconsideration for referral to the responsible driver program and the success we've had in this regard. Please see: We can have the responsible driver program requirement lifted The BC Government announced yesterday that the OSMV is reviewing 1,200 Immediate Roadside Prohibition files. They better get ready, because they're going to have to review a lot more than that. It’s been about two months since we started taking action for clients who were compelled to complete the remedial requirements (Interlock and Responsible Driver Program) after receiving an Immediate Roadside Prohibition...

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The Winners

We are the best lawyers for IRP defence in BC. The stats prove it

We decided in the summer of 2010 that we would take on the 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition scheme and that we would defend clients with IRPs despite the fact that we condemn the scheme itself. Some lawyers were so disgusted with the IRP legislation that they simply refused to accept the cases. Others were quickly discouraged when they learned that their innocent clients would end up stuck with an IRP because of a grossly flawed review process. But we decided to carry on because we knew that we would get better and better and we knew that everyone who gets...

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The prohibition on using mobile devices in BC

Prohibition on using mobile devices in BC

The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles gave an interview reported on CBC’s website where he stated that he hasn’t obtained reliable data to show that the prohibition on using mobile devices has saved any lives. He says that the law works. He just can’t prove it. It’s a reasonable statement because, like the IRP scheme, you can’t accurately identify cause and effect. There are simply too many variables at play. Of course, there is a court challenge to the IRP scheme and no court challenge to the laws prohibiting the use of mobile phones. So the Government is more than willing to give...

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