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Client Testimonials: Sarah Leamon

Richmond Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer Sarah Leamon has the particular expertise and positive attitude to defend criminal cases and driving prohibitions. She will give you the legal advice you need to deal with your matter quickly, effectively and at a reasonable cost. Read testimonials, lawyer review for Sarah Leamon.

Dear Sarah:


“I need to tell you how thankful I am to have come across your path, you have literally saved my life I can’t thank you enough.


When this first happened I was a wreck and searched through many lawyers. Just from your voice I could tell you were that “get r done” kinda person, it gave me confidence and hope when I was holding on by a thread. I thought to myself: if anyone can somehow anyhow help it was this lady Sarah.


And you did, you beat it for me and I’m so happy it feels great. Anyways, my family was very surprised and impressed, should they require any legal council they’ve mentioned coming straight to your law firm.


Thank you again, you’ve allowed me to begin once more and correct my mistakes. Don’t stop helping people.”



Hi Sarah,


“I just want to thank you for solving my case (and Paul for recommending you). Your wisdom and skills demonstrated in dealing with my law suit are beyond what I have ever expected. I am really pleased with the result of having a clear record. I am also very impressed by your excellent attitude in helping clients.


From this experience, I would be privileged and honored to recommend you to all of my friends if they need legal service. Overall, you are a true inspiration. My respect for lawyers has been established to a whole new level.





Hi Sarah,


“Thank you so much for your work to have my driving ban lifted. Being able to drive is a blessing I will not take for granted again.


Thanks again,”


T. Brown

Good Afternoon Sarah,


“I see you have a page of testimonials online and if you’re looking for a review from another satisfied customer, I am more than happy to provide one. Even if you don’t put it up online, make sure you let your boss know! You deserve the praise!


I just wanted to send a special note of thanks to Sarah for helping me dispute my 90-day IRP; I couldn’t have done it without her help and expertise! Sarah was very supportive and helpful in taking the time to answer all my questions and help me prove the injustice in my case.


I cannot express how appreciative I am and I couldn’t be happier with the level of service. I would definitely recommend anyone wrongfully punished to contact Sarah immediately!


I am so happy that I decided to make the phone call to your office late that Sunday night!”



Re: theft under $5,000


“Thank you SO much Sarah! You have been wonderful! I’m so glad I went with you! You were realistic yet kept me positive and hopeful. Your pro-active efforts and go-getter attitude has really made all the difference! I thank you so much for achieving the results I was seeking and making the whole process seem easy! Your prices were also very reasonable! You will be the first person I recommend to anyone in need!


Again, many thanks!!!”



“I wish to offer my thanks to Sarah Leamon for her assistance in disputing my 90 day IRP. Her straight-forward, honest, and knowledgeable approach to my case helped to ease the stress of the situation. I would recommend Sarah to others looking to challenge their IRPs.”



“I am so thankful to Sarah for dealing with my case. I’ve never needed a lawyer before and after searching for help and phoning for assistance, I was amazed at the lack of options and customer service for those in need of advice. Finding and phoning Sarah was the best thing I did. Sarah assured me my case would be looked after, and that she would do her best to remove my Intent to Prohibit. I felt immediately at ease and my stress was lifted! Sarah certainly delivered with the outcome and I am so thankful for her understanding and assistance. If you have a Driving Notice that needs to be challenged, I would highly recommend Sarah’s services!”



“Thank you so very much Sarah for taking the stress out of disputing my 90 day IRP. Without your help and knowledge, I don`t think I would have ended up with the positive result that you achieved. I would highly recommend you and your office to anyone that happens to fall into these circumstances. I am so glad that I decided to call your office that Sunday night.


Thanks again.”



“Thank-you for everything, your firm made a huge difference in my life in fact you gave me my life back! I was devastated by the IRP and the effect it had taken on my life, your firm gave me my rights to prove the injustice that many suffered. I can now move forward with my career and become a contributing member of society instead of a burden. A special thank to Sarah you are truly a god send you handled everything so effectively with a genuine heart and compassion thank you so much!



“I had phoned around and found that everyone gave me the old song and dance. When I spoke with Sarah at Acumen, she was precise and gave me the bottom line right away. I found the team at Acumen very professional in handling all aspects of my case. If you need help, I would highly recommend Acumen. Thank you Acumen and thank you Sarah.”



“This, a very quick message of thanks Sarah. Not only were your efforts obviously, the best I could have found but, I have to credit you on your excellent timing with the good news as you shared it with us on the speaker-phone.


We were all affected deeply by this incident. You delighted not only myself, but my mother and father – yes, my entire family – with the very positive results.


Kind Regards,”


Sarah Leamon


“I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled my case.


I felt that you explained everything very clearly and that I knew what to expect at each stage.


I would also like to thank your team backing you up. I am very happy with the results.





“Thanks again! I don’t know what I would have done without you! You really made this a whole lot easier and you made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I appreciate everything you have done for me! I will be giving you positive reviews! :)”



Hey Sarah and staff!!


“I just wanted to thanks you guys again for all your hard work! I am so pleased with the positive outcome from my 90 day IRP. I could not have found a better Legal team!! Repeat customer for sure! I work out of town and have very poor cell service. Sarah and staff were very understanding, at one point Sarah offered to meet me in northern Alberta on a long weekend while she was on holidays visiting friends. Again thanks for everything! You guys are the best!”

Subject: Can’t thank-you enough
Hi Sarah,


“Thank-you so much for your help on this matter, thank god I found you on the Internet. I would also like to thank anyone in your firm for helping me out. I would also like to thank Snow for being so patience with me on the phone. She really made me feel at ease. I will refer your firm to anyone I know in the future.”



“I just got my truck back Sarah. I am so thrilled with the way this turned out. Your knowledge of how this ridiculous law works proved so invaluable to me. My family and I can get back a normal life again. Thank you so much from my wife, my kids and myself. You are great and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that needs a good lawyer. Have a great week Sarah. You rock!”



Hi Sarah,


“A great big thank you!! I received the overturned decision today and couldn’t be more relieved and pleased. You were worth every dime and I’ll keep your name handy to pass along to anyone else wanting to challenge their IRP.


Warmest Regards,”



“Recently when served with a 90 day IRP, I feared losing my license would cost me my job. Feeling wronged and not knowing my rights my first call was to Sarah Leamon. She was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I was driving a short time later and kept my job.


Thanks Sarah.”

“Okay I am not a dirty old man…..but I would like to kiss everyone in your office…well some hands shakes for sure.


Congrats on all your efforts and of course thank you for assisting me to see what a great firm you have.”



Driving while prohibited charge – Thank you




“I have to mention how I feel about today’s proceedings. I am so thankful I contacted you and that you have now started the journey of me recovering my life back and be able to move forward. My appreciation and how I felt after today’s experience was an amazing feeling, after months of negative anguish.


Thank you will never be enough :)”





“I would like to thank you for you help and success on my case. I know with out you I would not have been able to win. You were very organized and answered all my questions that I was unaware of. You stayed positive and reassured me that everything was going to be ok and that I had a good case to work with. So I would like to say thank you again for taking the time to help me it was greatly





“Thank you so much for taking my case and helping me through it with a positive outcome.


When I received my 90 day IRP I felt lost and had no clue what to do as I felt wronged and believed I did not blow a fail. It was definitely a low point in my life. I did some research on the internet and found a few lawyers to choose from. Out of all the lawyers I found Sarah and her firm had the best record and credentials for my case.


After speaking with Sarah regarding my case I found this to be true, she was very upfront, honest and professional. Sarah put me at ease over my case, which was helpful as I was extremely stressed about it.


I can’t possibly thank Sarah and her firm enough for helping me get through this experience. I will always recommend her to anyone I can who needs assistance from a lawyer.


Thanks again!!”



Hi Sarah,


“First of All, I want to thank you so much for everything you did for my 90 days IRP case. I am so happy that I can drive again. I truly believe I would not have won my case if I went with another lawyer.


We knew that it was really difficult case. However, because of your experience and expertise, I was able to get an outcome that we are looking for.


Looking back, I’m really glad I hired you as my lawyer. If I ever have my friend that needs a legal advice I will definitely recommend you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you again,”



Hi Sarah!


“Thank you very much for getting my driving prohibition and vehicle impoundment revoked. I cannot express how much driving is in my life, for work, for family and for everyday things; we do not know what we have until we lose it. I am very impressed how fast you were able to take care of this IRP. I will recommend you and your law firm to anyone.





“I received a 3 day IRP and I contacted Sarah Leamon to assist me with this matter and after initially talking to her and sitting down with her I felt very confident and assured in her expertise. I felt she was highly skilled and tactful in her approach towards my case. I will definitely refer Sarah to friends and family as she goes above and beyond to assist her clients.


Thank You Sarah!!!!”

Hi Sarah,


“I do not know how to thank you today for winning my case, this really means a lot to me as my wife had to go for a major surgery next month and i did not know how i will be managing things without driving.


Your phone call today about winning the case had really left me speechless.


I must add that the way you handled the case was with extreme professionalism and a positive attitude. Right after talking to you i knew i was in very professional hands.


I wish you all the best always and once again thanks a lot though i do not have enough words to express thanks to you.





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