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Hundreds of Roadside Prohibition Revoke

Hundreds of Roadside Prohibition Revoke

Each year we have hundreds of roadside prohibitions revoked for clients from all around British Columbia, particularly Immediate Roadside Prohibitions and Administrative Driving Prohibitions. So we’re accustomed to succeeding and we keep track of our successes. After all, we are the most successful law firm defending IRPs in the province.

We accumulated several years of data now and we continue to remain the most successful IRP lawyers. 

Still, every now and again we’re surprised by our own numbers. September 2016 is a good example.

Record month

When we say hundreds of roadside prohibitions revoked, we’re not kidding. From the start of the day on September 1, 2016 to the end of the day Saturday October 1, 2016 we counted 100 successful decisions in IRP and ADP cases for the lawyers in our office. That’s one month alone. Our fax machines were buzzing all month long. On the last day of this period, a Saturday, we received 10 successful decisions in the Vancouver, Richmond and Victoria offices. It’s an impressive accomplishment.

No rest for IRP lawyers

October 2016 has been off to a great start for us. Based on the successful decisions from the first week, we might come close to our September numbers.

Why do we keep track of numbers?

A few years ago we started obtaining documents from the BC Government by way of Freedom of Information requests that showed us, incidentally, where we stood relative to other law firms when it came to successes in roadside prohibition appeals of DUI type cases.

It wasn’t the reason we requested these documents. At first we were just interested to see if anyone had come up with some arguments we’d missed. But then we started to count up our successes and it was clear that each month no other law firm had more successes than us. In fact, in some months we succeeded more than the next 5 DUI law firms combined. So this got us thinking that we should continue to monitor to see where we stand.

After we had a year of data calculated at our annual year end and it was clear that we were far out in front, we decided to make it known that we are the most successful law firm defending Immediate Roadside Prohibitions of all law firms in BC.

And the lawyer who pulls it off…

The recognition goes to Kyla Lee (@IRPlawyer, . It’s primarily her efforts and hard work that make us number one month after month, year after year when it comes to roadside prohibition appeals.

Hundreds of roadside prohibitions revoked

We accumulated several years of data now and we continue to remain the most successful IRP lawyers. Every year we manage to have hundreds of roadside prohibitions revoked for our clients. It’s not that we sit around focused on the numbers. We just want to ensure that we help as many people as we can to find some justice if they’ve been issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition or Administrative Driving Prohibition.

It’s what we do. If you’ve been issued a roadside prohibition, give us a call. We’d like to help you too.

Our BC legal blog

We recently received some recognition when one of the top RSS feed sites ranked our blog 49 of the top 100 legal blogs in the world. The ranking comes from traffic to the blog, quality of the blog material and overall influence our blog has had on the law in BC and Canada. We’re happy about that achievement too.


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  • Robert John MacDonald
    Reply May 31, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    Congratulations on the recognition Acumen Law Corporation I am so happy that you all do what you do, thank-you.

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