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Interview on the Kash Heed show re the ‘independence’ of RoadSafetyBC’s tribunal

Interview on the Kash Heed show re the ‘independence’ of RoadSafetyBC’s tribunal

problems with breathalyzers

Today on The Kash Heed Show, we had the pleasure of having an engaging and informative conversation with Paul Doroshenko, a criminal lawyer from Acumen Law Corporation.

Acumen Law is “disclosing what’s going on behind the scenes” and are using it in defence of their clients.

The Attorney General lost a recent suit against Acumen Law relating to a Freedom of Information request from Acumen, and now there has been some dispute regarding 19 pages of a document released to the law corporation, and the government wants it back. Doroshenko has made it clear that won’t be the case. In his words, honestly and bluntly put: “They screwed up and gave us the evidence.”

“This is a very disturbing thing, we’ve known of it for a long time” says Doroshenko. What he’s referring to are documents regarding the use of breathalyzers for impaired driving charges. They found documents in which an officer reported that her breathalyzers were perfectly calibrated each time she used them. This isn’t quite the case. According to Doroshenko, they found a previous FOI (A Freedom of Information release) that the same officer actually had to recalibrate her device repetitively in order to receive more accurate results. Certainly a contradiction to say the least…

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