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Letter: 60 days to get the interlock

Letter: 60 days to get the interlock

60 days to get the interlock

Lots of people have been calling us having received a letter from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles saying that they have 60 days to get the interlock or they cannot drive. The letters went out to people who completed their driving prohibitions after November 30, 2011. We wrote about this first on September 26 when the calls started coming in.

The letters are with respect to a class of people we had not encountered. Some people who received a 90-day IRP in the months or weeks immediately before November 30, 2011, and who served the entire prohibition were not required to complete the so-called remedial programs. The Government apparently unilaterally held off because of the first Sivia decision. Now that the Government feels they have the green light, the letters are landing in mailboxes across the province.

What can you do if you get a letter saying that you have 60 days to get the interlock? We have a plan.

We have accepted two clients as test cases to dispute the interlock and RDP requirement in these circumstances. We feel that we have enough time to get the test cases underway before we need to take steps for anyone else. So we ask people in this situation to hold tight for now.

We would like to pass on any news we get to all of the people in this situation. However, we don’t want to discuss it much more on our blog because we think it might compromise our ability to advance the test cases. So in order to be able to contact everyone who is in this situation, we have started a list.

For now we are very selective in the cases we are running on this issue. If you are one of the unlucky people who recently received a letter saying you have 60 days to get the interlock for an IRP you received in autumn 2011, please send us an email with your name and phone number and we’ll send you an email when we see where our test cases are going.

If we can help you, we will, when the time is right.

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