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Criminal lawyer Kyla Lee on CKNW with Lynda Steele: marijuana impaired driving law in British Columbia is a mess!

We now know that pot will be legal October 17th!  We have a date but there is so much that we don’t know including how the heck they are going to figure out if someone is high when driving.  At this point, there doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to test.  Our next guest says marijuana-impaired driving law, as it currently stands in British Columbia and under federal criminal law, is a mess! Guest: Kyla Lee - Vancouver criminal lawyer with expertise in DUI, impaired driving & IRP. To listen to the interview, click here....

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Paul Doroshenko on The Shift with Drex

The best calls of the night with our guest Paul Doroshenko, discussing Bill C-46. Mr Doroshenko fielded calls about the decriminalization of marijuana and Bill C-46, which imposes new restrictions on marijuana-impaired driving. There are fears the new legislation could see some drivers convicted of impaired driving, even if they have done nothing wrong. "That's the concern," Mr Doroshenko said. "That the legislation seems to set up – the BC legislation and the government legislation in different ways both are trying to deal with the same thing – just really don't understand the effects of cannabis on the body and whether or not people...

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Kyla Lee on Radio NL: Acumen Law lawyer says there will be lots of details to sort out once legal cannabis arrives

Now that we know when legal cannabis will arrive in Canada, a lawyer with Acumen Law says there will be a lot of wrinkles to iron out once legalization arrives. Kyla Lee says, one of the biggest areas of concern will be how drug-impaired drivers are dealt with. “As the driving issue moves forward we are going to see constitutional challenges related to that. It is going to lead to a lot of litigation and I don’t think our courts are prepared to handle that.” Lee says the second-hand smoke issue will also be problematic. To read the full story, click here....

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Paul Doroshenko on Global News BC: Will the pantless man who ran onto BC Place field sue the BC Lions?

A man who ran onto the field during a BC Lions game on Saturday may now be taking legal action. The video of the incident went viral. The Lions’ fan, wearing a jersey and underwear, but no pants or shoes, went running onto the field at BC Place and then was tackled hard by Lions’ player Marcell Young. ...

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Kyla Lee on Global News Hour at 6

A man who ran onto the field during a BC Lions game on Saturday may now be taking legal action. The video of the incident went viral. The Lions’ fan, wearing a jersey and underwear, but no pants or shoes, went running onto the field at BC Place and then was tackled hard by Lions’ player Marcell Young. Kyla Lee said: "Because of the way in which he caused his own suffering by running onto the field and streaking and breaking the rules, it is unlikely that any award he is given will be a whole award. "It is most likely going to be significantly...

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Kyla Lee on Global News BC: B.C. to unveil new pot legislation on Thursday

Kyla Lee on Global BC

Kyla Lee from Acumen Law sits down with Sonia Sunger Thursday to talk about the new pot legislation that is going to be announced Thursday. She talks about what legislation they would like to see, especially around impaired driving. Ms Lee said: "As far as the driving-related issues go, I would love to see legislation that is sensible, that relies on confirmation of impairment, not just saliva testing and not just THC concentration in the body. "Something that looks for actual, physical evidence of impairment to ensure that the people who are getting off the road are the people who need to be...

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Kyla Lee Interviewed on NL Local News First: Thousands of 24 hour driving prohibitions may now be overturned

The BC Supreme Court has ruled today that police officers can only issue 24 hour drug impaired driving prohibitions at the roadside and nowhere else. “It has the potential to have 24 hour prohibitions removed from thousands of people’s driving record.” Acumen Law’s Kyla Lee says it all stems from a ruling today. “Today the BC Supreme Court ruled that police officers cannot issue 24 hour prohibitions for drugs to drivers at police stations or anywhere that is not right at the roadside when they are dealing with them. This has the potential to impact thousands of cases that have already been issued...

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Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko on Global News BC: ‘Our 4/20 gift’: B.C. lawyers claim victory in fight over 24-hour driving prohibitions

Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko on Global News BC

A B.C. law firm is claiming victory in a battle over the power of police to hand out 24-hour driving prohibitions to impaired drivers. A decision rendered in B.C. Supreme Court “essentially limits the authority of police to issue them to only at the roadside,” Acumen Law lawyer Kyla Lee, who argued the case, told CKNW’s The Lynda Steele Show. B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act empowers police to hand out the 24-hour roadside suspensions to drug- or alcohol-impaired drivers. However, Lee argued that police have been frequently handing them out, illegally, elsewhere — either at the police department, in a hospital or at another location. To...

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Kyla Lee on BC Almanac: 4:20 and a look ahead to legal recreational marijuana

Kyla Lee on CBC's BC Almanac

Criminal lawyer Kyla Lee on 4:20 and legal recreational marijuana. Kyla Lee was on CBC's BC Almanac to discuss her victory in a BC Supreme Court appeal that effectively renders all 24-hour driving prohibitions for suspected drug-impaired driving issued not at the roadside illegal. She said the ruling was going to have a "very significant impact". "Historically what we have seen," Ms Lee said. "Is police officers detaining somebody at the roadside, conducting an investigation and forming their grounds to believe that they have a  drug in their system and then taking them to the police detachment for further evidential drug testing and then serve...

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Bill C-75 Fails To Deliver Necessary Changes To The Justice System

Sarah Leamon writing for The Huffington Post

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has introduced a massive, 300-page bill to overhaul the justice system. While many aspects of Bill C-75 are intended to curb courtroom delay, others are focused on ending intimate partner violence and diversifying juries. But will this bill be effective? I recently read Bill C-75. Here's what you need to know. One of the most controversial aspects of Bill C-75 is its proposal to do away with preliminary inquiries in the vast majority of criminal proceedings. Generally speaking, preliminary inquiries are used to test the strength of the Crown's case prior to proceeding to trial. Adults charged with an indictable offence...

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