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Paul Boyd shooting

Paul Boyd shooting

Quiet place

At the time Paul Boyd was killed by the Vancouver Police, we worked in the same building. I was in a law firm on the second floor and Mr. Boyd worked a few floors above. I saw him from time to time in the small coffee and sandwich shop the main floor. I spoke with him briefly when I ran into him.

He came down to the coffee shop, usually with a colleague. I overheard some conversations. He seemed to be a very personable, sensitive, insightful and intelligent individual. He was always courteous waiting for the elevator.

When he was killed in the police incident, his co-workers spoke of how he was killed execution style despite being surrounded by police and posing no real threat.

Having met the man, I tended to believe the rumors in the building and I expected that the investigation would clarify things. I assumed there was decent video, considering the location and the details known by Mr. Boyd’s co-workers.

When Robert Dzieka?ski was executed just a few months later by the RCMP, and the RCMP were caught in the cover up, I suspected that Paul Boyd’s killing would be covered up by the VPD.

There is a lot to think about here.

I liked Mr. Boyd. He was a decent person. Like you or me.

Here are some recent articles about where the matter stands:

Vancouver Sun: He wasn’t a danger to anyone … charges should be laid: Deborah, Paul Boyd’s sister

The Huffington Post: Paul Boyd Police Shooting Death: Colleague Hopes New Video Will Bring Answers

Other matters:

Paul (me, the writer of today’s post) is on vacation at the moment, writing from an undisclosed location somewhere in a forest of northern Germany. Other members of our staff who write blog postings are tied up dealing with other matters. So we may take a few days before we write another blog posting.

We try to provided regular updates, in particular with respect to the IRP scheme. Next week we’ll explain what’s going on with the matters under appeal.

Again, thanks for reading our blog. We really appreciate your kind comments and devotion to supporting our efforts.

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