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Steve Martin has quit

Steve Martin has quit

Steve Martin has quit his job as the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles

This is big news if you follow the twists and turns of the IRP story. Steve Martin has quit his job as the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

With only weeks to go before the provincial election, Mr. Martin quit last Tuesday and accepted another position in the Government. We only confirmed this for ourselves a few moments ago when it was reported in the Vancouver Sun.

As a career move it was probably a good time for him to quit. The NDP could win the upcoming election and we know that a number of NDP candidates share our view of the IRP scheme. Interesting (and probably a mere coincidence) is that he quit just as the IRP appeal was being heard in the BC Court of Appeal.

This is important for anyone waiting to see what will happen regarding the interlock requirement of their IRP.  In our view the Superintendent exceeded his jurisdiction in forcing everyone to get an interlock without first conducting a review of their driving history to see if it was appropriate or necessary. We have some big news on that issue that we’ll report on in the next day or so. If you’re wondering about our challenge to the so-called “remedial requirements,” check back in the next few days.

There have been some major developments. As we say, it may be a good time to quit your job, particularly if one of the decisions you made was to force everyone to go through the RDP and get an interlock when that’s not the law.


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