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IRP Blog by BC's best IRP lawyers

Most of our blog is about IRPs, the Immediate Roadside Prohibition scheme and what's happening behind the scenes with the BC DUI laws. We really appreciate the devotion of our...

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What this big IRP Court decision means to you

Happy about the Big IRP Court decision

The court decision from last Friday was the really big IRP news that we'd been waiting for since last summer. We think it's the most important Supreme Court IRP decision...

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Really Big IRP News – Wilson is the Law

Big IRP News

Thousands of people will be affected by this. Today at 9:00 a.m. the BC Supreme Court rendered its decision in Wendy Richardson v. The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, confirming that the...

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Murray fallout – check your IRP disclosure


As we reported January 24, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the application for leave to appeal the decision of the BC Court of Appeal in Murray. It's been...

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The first IRP case at the Supreme Court of Canada


On Thursday, January 23, 2014, the decision was rendered in the first IRP case at the Supreme Court of Canada. We're celebrating the decision and the quality of our work...

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Is an IRP a DUI?

Is an IRP a DUI?

A 90-day IRP for blowing Fail or refusing to blow is a nightmare. It's a catastrophic blemish on your driving record. It's an ongoing painful expression of arbitrary government oppression....

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What about our rights?

What about our rights?

Good Canadians suffered, fought and died for our country and to protect us from living under governments that rule by force rather than accepting the rule of law. We admire...

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IRP defences that don’t work

Defences that don't work

Speaking at a conference a few weeks ago we laid out 27 of the IRP defences that don't work which should work if the system were fair. Of course, when...

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Talking about Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

Talking about immediate roadside prohibitions

Ever since the BC Government completely revamped the DUI laws in our province by introducing roadside punishment, people have not stopped talking about immediate roadside prohibitions. Wherever we go in...

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Crumbling IRP scheme – another big BC Supreme Court decision

Crumbling IRP Scheme

The BC Supreme Court released an important decision last week in an IRP appeal hearing. This decision opens the door for defences to IRPs that should have worked from the...

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