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The steps of a DUI police investigation

The steps of a DUI police investigation

In this video I will tell you about the steps of a DUI police investigation.

There have been drunk driving laws for just over 100 years, so shortly after the car was invented. And before the invention of the car, there were traffic police in major cities dealing with horses and buggies. So enforcement of drunk driving laws is nothing new.

The fact of an accident may do little for the police in building their case.

The steps of a DUI police investigation haven’t changed that much over the decades. It all starts with observations of driving.

The police may be looking for symptoms or clues that the driver is impaired. This can include swerving, failing to stay in the lane, driving particularly slowly, driving too fast, revving the engine failing to abide by traffic control devices such as stop signs, red lights, driving at night with your lights off that sort of thing. In most situations this is how an impaired driving investigation starts.

The police officer conducting the investigation is expected to make a running log in their notebook of their observations of driving. Of course, they can’t do this while driving, so it’s the type of thing they’re often doing in their cruiser when they stop the suspect vehicle.

Now, there are situations where the first step of a police investigation doesn’t included driving evidence. For example, in DUI roadblock situations police usually won’t see anything significant in the operation of the vehicle.

In accident cases, the fact of the accident might be a consideration, but usually the officer does not see the driving that took place before. So the fact of an accident may do little for the police in building their case.

It’s important to have a lawyer who is skilled in dissecting a police investigation in DUI cases if you’re facing a DUI allegation. Having a deep understanding of the steps of a DUI police investigation gives your lawyer the edge in the forensic analysis of the case.

If you want a lawyer with a deep understanding of DUI cases, you just need to call us. We have four offices, and decades of experience defending impaired driving cases. Give us a call.


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