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The Winners

The Winners

We are the best lawyers for IRP defence in BC. The stats prove it

We decided in the summer of 2010 that we would take on the 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition scheme and that we would defend clients with IRPs despite the fact that we condemn the scheme itself. Some lawyers were so disgusted with the IRP legislation that they simply refused to accept the cases. Others were quickly discouraged when they learned that their innocent clients would end up stuck with an IRP because of a grossly flawed review process. But we decided to carry on because we knew that we would get better and better and we knew that everyone who gets an IRP deserves to have a lawyer with the right skills to defend their case.

The modified (and still grossly unfair) law came into effect on June 15, 2012. Since that time we have demanded that the Government provide us with the information concerning successful review decisions for each month. The information has been very helpful in refining our methods and in ensuring that we cover all of the important issues when defending an IRP. But also interesting for us was that we have more successful IRP decisions than any other law office in all of BC. It turns out that we are the winners.

We never really think of it as winning. Our goal is to ensure that we have the IRP revoked if possible by using all of the accepted defences and the defences that we have developed that nobody else has even thought of yet. Some people think of it as helping you win. For us we’re just doing our job the way you would want us to do it.

And apparently we do it very well. In most months we win better than double the next most successful law office. In one rare month we were tied. In every other month we were well ahead of any other law office as far as the number of successful IRP review decisions.

The two lawyers in our office who conduct most of the IRP review hearings, Sarah Leamon and Kyla Lee, are number 1 and number 2 in the province. Although they have switched positions depending on the month, in the last few months Kyla has had a few more winning decisions meaning at this point she is the most successful of any lawyer in the province with IRPs under the new scheme.

From the time the IRP scheme came into effect we knew that we needed to refine our skills and arguments and ensure that we knew how to defend these cases as best as possible for the benefit of our clients. Sarah and Kyla are the top IRP lawyers in BC because as an office we put countless hours into defending each case. The decision we made a few years ago has paid off month after month for the people we defend. At this time, we are the winners, so to speak, because we have succeeded in the greatest number of IRP reviews in BC.

Still, we’re not celebrating. We’re on a quest to expose the IRP scheme for what it is. In an upcoming post we’ll explain some of our recent successes and why your IRP may be lifted even if you thought it was sewn up tight.


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