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Updated website

Updated website

Updated Acumen Website

Welcome to our newly updated website!

We’ve been working hard for the last few months to update and refresh our website to make it easier to read and to ensure that we can have the most accurate up-to-date information particularly on the practice area pages.

There have been many dramatic changes to the legal landscape in BC and Canada in the last few years and it can be very hard to keep up. Our blog contains over 500 posts, most of which deal with the IRP scheme. We considered altering or removing some of the posts that are less relevant bearing in mind the current state of the law and government policy. We concluded that the posts on our blog are an important historical public record, particularly with respect to the saga of the Immediate Roadside Prohibition law which has been an overriding focus of our law firm.

We are far from done with legal challenges to the IRP scheme. We have important IRP cases that we have appealed to BC Supreme Court and the BC Court of Appeal that could yet alter the IRP legal landscape considerably. We have mounted a constitutional challenge to the third variation of the IRP law. We’ve protected the driving privileges of thousands of British Colombians and we will continue our efforts to force the government to treat people fairly when they have been accused of drinking and driving.

In the coming months you can expect that the BC Government will introduce an IRP scheme, modeled on the “Warn” scheme, to punish drivers who are suspected of being affected by drugs. We’ve already started our plans to deal with the coming legislation. We have added more staff including two lawyers and two assistants to help us move ahead on special projects.

We are now entering an era in which governments seem to feel that they can cynically get away with any injustice. So far our courts have been the best protection against this new style of tyranny. Strong, independent lawyers and a robust, courageous judiciary are more necessary now than at any time in recent memory. We’ll continue to courageously defend our clients and advance thoughtful, creative and well-reasoned legal arguments on behalf of our clients as long as we have the freedom to do so.

Buckle up everyone. The next few years will mark the direction of our society for generations to come.

As always, we welcome discussion of topics related to our blog posts and area of practice on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned.


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    keep up the awesome job you do

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