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We Love Our Clients

We Love Our Clients

We love our clients

There are days that being a criminal defence lawyer can be a thankless job. Many people don’t understand our role, (until they need us) and others lament our very existence. But we’re tough and we know that our work has meant a lot to our clients over the years.

We’ve received some great feedback from our former clients. We really appreciate the kind comments. Often this helps us to keep our momentum. Every few months we post some of the comments on our testimonial page. Many we put aside because for whatever reason they don’t seem to fit the current layout of the page.

I received a wonderful email last week from a former client. I’ve decided to post it here on our blog. Aside from that fact that it is very complementary (it made me blush) it clearly explains how we help our clients and the dedication that we have toward our clients.

We try to be the lawyers that you would want us to be. We work hard for our clients and we are thankful that we have had so many satisfied and complementary former clients.

Dear Paul,

I really want to thank you for the amazing job you did in successfully defending me against my impaired driving charges. I was so grateful to have you working for me and being able to walk away from the court house with all the charges against me dropped, no driving prohibition, and no fines was one of the best feelings of my life. I know that this was the result of tireless hours of work on your part. You were able to find flaws in the case against me that no one else was able to see, including the attorney for the prosecution! In fact, had I retained the services of either of the two attorneys who I interviewed before you, I would not have had the same favourable outcome. Neither of them noticed the inconsistencies in the certificate and neither of them offered me much hope in being able to walk away unscathed. It is also worth noting that their quotes were considerably higher than yours. Aside from this, what I found in you was a kind, patient man, brilliant beyond measure. Being faced with one of the most difficult predicaments of my life I can honestly say that you were able to ease my worries and fully educate me every step of the way. My confidence was bolstered by the wealth of knowledge you possess in this area of law. You have dedicated yourself to learning everything there is to know about the breathalyser machines as well as the roadside devices. Moreover, you were able to show me just how they work and how they are supposed to be used. I have not heard of any other lawyers in Vancouver who actually own these machines! I was very impressed that you investigate the servicing of the breathalyser machines and their reliability, as well as the roadside devices being used by law enforcement officers. Leaving no stone unturned, you also made sure that there was an expert witness present at court.

In the year since I walked out of that court room a ‘free’ woman, I have had a lot of time to ponder, and reflect upon, the meaning of freedom and a person’s right to the best possible defence. I was truly blessed to have the best criminal attorney in Vancouver, you, Mr. Doroshenko. It is for that reason that I gave all of my friends and family members your phone number for Christmas and requested that they add it to their contact lists. It is my hope they will never need to use it but I feel much better knowing that, should the occasion arise, they will have the access to the only lawyer in Vancouver offering the ‘best possible defence’!

 I will never be able to thank you enough.



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