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We win (Updated)

We win (Updated)

We win

The government announced that they are giving up. They will no longer force everyone to go through the IIP and RDP if they receive a 90-day IRP. They will review old cases with a new review process. They won’t force people to pay all of that money if it’s not justified. We win.

We’re gleeful. So much so that we haven’t had time to think of the implications. We designed a review process for our clients and the OSMV seems to have adopted the process that we’ve thrust upon them for the last few months.

We have to give credit to the new boss. There is a new Superintendent of Motor Vehicles who has the unenviable task of cleaning up a major mess. He is presiding over one of the costliest government mistakes in recent history. Some figure that this could easily cost the government, that is the taxpayer of British Columbia, $30 million or more.

Thank you to our clients who stood by us in this process. We knew that we had to have a critical mass before the government would act. Many people took a risk in hiring us to challenge the OSMV’s interpretation of the law. It turns out that it was a risk worth taking. We commend our clients on their courage.

Of course we’ll have a lot to say about this in the coming days. We have concerns about the government’s approach and how this will play out. For now, however, we will give them the benefit of the doubt. We know that the government hasn’t given many British Columbians the benefit of the doubt over the last few years when it comes to an IRP. Still, even when you’re angry it’s best to keep your head together, listen and behave reasonably.

A sigh of relief is warranted. On Monday we’ll get back to work to get the Interlock and RDP requirements lifted for all of our clients who are still waiting for a decision.

UPDATE: We have been flooded with inquiries today, so we are working on putting together further information about what this change means for everyone who was wrongly compelled to participate in the Remedial Programs. You can read more about what we intend to do here: Reconsideration of a Referral to Remedial Programs

We’re taking Saturday and Sunday off work. We think we deserve it because we’ve worked tirelessly over the last few months to get to this point. And there should be some reward for us when we win.


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