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Vancouver Criminal Law Blog

Government to fund Dräger DrugTest 5000 devices in BC

Draeger Drugtest 5000

The federal government announced today that it will be paying for Dräger DrugTest 5000 devices in BC. The money is part of funding being given to police forces across Canada to enforce new impaired driving laws. Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair was at Vancouver Police Department (VPD) headquarters today (Tuesday) to announce $10.1 million over five years for BC police to fight drug-impaired driving. The money is part of a previously announced $81 million the federal government has promised to provinces and territories for public and road safety activities. It follows a similar announcement recently of $17 million over five...

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Can You Fail a Breathalyzer with Grey Poupon?

It’s a tasty addition to any meal, but can Grey Poupon register on a breathalyzer? The mustard brand contains white wine but does this show up on a breathalyzer? Acumen Law Corporation lawyers Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko will be testing to see if the condiment can give, what would appear to be, an alcohol reading on an approved screening device (ASD).

Kyla Lee on Vancouver Sun

Ten years ago, a close friend of Vancouver City Coun. Pete Fry suffered a serious head injury in a car accident. “I saw the impacts of a head injury and what that does, not just for the individual, but also the people who care about them,” said Fry. On Tuesday, Fry is moving for the city to pilot a 30 km/h speed limit on residential streets in an effort to reduce vehicle-related injuries and fatalities. ...

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Kyla Lee Calls for the Law Society of B.C. to Do More to Address Money Laundering

In the aftermath of last week’s money laundering revelations at least one lawyer is calling for the Law Society of B.C. to take much harsher action with lawyers complicit in such behaviour. After the 2nd phase Peter German report into money laundering raised the possibility lawyers may be willingly or unwittingly helping Acumen Law’s Kyla Lee was asked if that kind of activity is going on. ...

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Negligent Investigation: Cases That Should Have Gone to the Supreme Court of Canada, But Didn’t!

Welcome to Cases That Should Have Gone to the Supreme Court of Canada, But Didn’t! This week, lawyer Kyla Lee discusses Negligent Investigation. Acumen Law Corporation lawyer Kyla Lee gives her take on a made-in-Canada court case each week and discusses why these cases should have been heard by Canada’s highest court: the Supreme Court of Canada. John Connelly sued the Toronto Police as a result of an investigation that the police conducted into his son's suicide. Although the police had labelled the death a suicide, Mr. Connelly and his family disagreed and thought that there was foul play at issue. Because they...

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Kyla Lee on The Star Vancouver regarding the 30 km/h Speed Limit

In Vancouver, there were 565 motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians in 2017, according to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). Vancouver City Councillor Pete Fry is proposing a pilot project to test the effectiveness of a 30 km/h speed limit on local roads — those without a centre line. The current speed limit for such roads is 50 km/h. ...

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Acumen Lawyers Answer the Issue that the Draeger Device they Tested Isn’t the Same Device Used by Canadian Police

On May 6, Canadian media–including The GrowthOp–breathlessly reported that lawyers at Acumen Law had tested the federally approved Drager DrugTest 5000, which subsequently showed false positives for opioids, cocaine and other drugs after subjects consumed benign items such as Tim Hortons’ poppyseed cake, CBD extract and a particular tea. Vancouver lawyers Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko made headlines with allegations that 17 minutes after eating a piece of the cake, Doroshenko tested positive for opioids. There’s a problem, though: Draeger representatives are saying the device tested by Lee and Doroshenko isn’t the same device used by Canadian law enforcement officials. ...

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