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Client Testimonials: Paul Doroshenko, Q.C.

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer Paul Doroshenko, Q.C. has successfully defended thousands of clients who faced criminal charges and driving prohibitions in British Columbia. He has the experience and drive to get the right results in your case.

“Paul you are a man of your word! When I first came into your office you told me exactly what you would do for me to get me off lightly on what were very serious DUI charges. Your calm and professional manner showed me you were the right man to handle this problem. You basically held my hand through those long 15 months and always reassured me as things dragged out. Then when it came time for you to pull the final trigger in the process, you totally came through. WOW! Is all I can really say. You lived up to exactly what you said you would do. And the way you accommodated my less than desirable financial situation is so appreciated. You are the best!”


“Follow up to my court hearing today, I just wanted to say thanks. It’s been a pleasure handling the matters with you. You have been a great lawyer. I will most definitely recommend you for any future defense, not for myself (hopefully) but for others.

Thank you.”


“The day I received my notice of prohibition in the mail a state of panic ensued because a valid license is a essential part of my employment agreement. It was discouraging because every law office I talked to said there was no recourse for receiving a notice of prohibition and the very best outcome would result in a reduced term. Thankfully I made one last phone call to Paul Doroshenko. He compassionately listened to my situation, advising me every step of the way. In less than three weeks my prohibition was remitted and I received my license back! This recommendation is well earned Paul! Keep up the excellent work!
Thanks again”


Hi Paul

“Re: Charges Dropped
This is a wonderful piece of news. Thank you very much! We really valued your expertise, kindness, and reassurance all the way through the process, and we definitely appreciate being able to put all this behind us. Thanks again! We’re both truly grateful. All the best to you and your family. ”


Hi Paul,

“It was over a year and a half ago when I walked into your office. We had never met before and I was scared as hell having just been charged with a set of circumstances surrounding a DUI case. You made me feel comfortable and welcomed, and most of all you recognized and empathized with me for my worrisome nature right from the start.

Throughout the following months you always kept me well informed on what I needed to know and certainly what I didn’t, thank you again! I’ll never forget when I got the call from your office and you had had my administrative penalty dismissed. As time moved along and on December 5th 2011 your hard work got us more good results. And whether it was art or science, it doesn’t really matter but as I imagined it Paul Doroshenko at his best.

You were able to work with the Crown Prosecutor and had my case looked at in a different light. The end result was a lesser agreed to non criminal traffic charge and I can now move again forward with my life feeling fairly treated. Especially from having met you, all from a shot in the dark and I really appreciate the great work you did for me as your client.

By the way, last night was the first night in months that I slept right through from 10pm to 7am with out twitching or even getting up once…

Very best regards and have a very good Christmas and New Year Paul!

Kindest wishes,”


“I feel thank you is not enough for the burden that Paul you have lifted of my shoulders by removing 90 day ADP. This was one of the most stressful moment that I felt as I drive for living and I didn’t know what would happen had I lost my driving license for 90 days.

I had booked appointment to see another DUI lawyer but at the last moment family member booked appointment with Paul. When I met Paul I felt as no other lawyer can represent me better than Paul.

Paul was very straight forward with the success rate and he didn’t say whatever I wanted to hear so I could retain him. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in the DUI area, very professional and one of the honest lawyer.

Thanks Paul for helping me get my life back.”



“A million thank you’s for traveling half way across the country at the drop of a hat to stand in my defense. Every penny I invested in your legal team brought me back the only result that matters when you hire representation – “Not guilty”.

Your honesty and support, both emotionally and financially, will never be forgotten. I was your toughest case to date and at the end of my trial you had me walking out the courthouse feeling like the legal system truly does work – your nothing short of superhero in my books.

Thank you Paul.”

Dear Paul,

My family and I would like to thank you for obtaining the favourable results. You made the process easy on me and you were straight forward and honest about the outcome.

I had a lawyer tell me that he would eat his hat is I received a Discharge. While you never promised me the absolute best results, you never stopped trying. I appreciate that you did your research and forced the prosecution and the judge to do theirs. This was all part of the best defence I could have had. The results that you obtained were truly proper.

I wish you and your family, Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity.


A. Johnson

Dear Paul,

“On behalf of the family I wish to express our deepest appreciation for your professionalism and sensitivity in dealing with our daughter’s predicament so expeditiously and effectively. We are all so grateful to you that it has worked out so well.”


“Thank you for your hard work. Once again you saved me from a criminal record and embarrassment at work and with friends. I know there are a lot of lawyers in Vancouver, but you are the best.”

Hi Paul,

“I want to thank you very much again for everything you did for me. That was incredible, you gave my life back and now I can have the summer like everybody else and go on with all my plans that I had before. If I ever have someone that needs a legal help I will definitely recommend you the same way one of my friends recommended your services because he had heard about your excellent reputation. He works with lawyers on a daily basis. I’m glad I listened to him. 🙂

Thank You for everything ”



“I would like to thank both you and your firm for the professional and expedient way that you handled my case. From the onset, I felt that I was in good hands and you were quickly able to answer any questions and concerns that I had, and was always left with peace of mind. This is truly a firm that provides excellent value to their clients, and I would certainly recommend them to my friends or family. ”

Thank you!

A. January 18

Hi Paul,

“I want to thank you most sincerely for your incredible service.
Receiving an IRP was one of the low points of my adult life. Speaking to other attorneys in town was a demoralizing experience, and I didn’t have any faith that the substantial investment in their services would have much of a chance of yielding a positive outcome.

From the moment that I made contact with you, it was clear that I was dealing with a keen professional. You were the only person I spoke with that articulated a sensible plan of action, while being straightforward about your rates over the phone. What’s more, your prices were by far and away, the most reasonable of anyone I spoke with.

Your professionalism continued throughout the process, keeping me informed at every step along the way. The fact that you were able to secure a positive outcome for me indicates that I did indeed make the very best choice in you as an Attorney.

Your saving my driving record has restored my career and so much more than I can articulate in a brief note.

I owe you a deep debt of gratitude.”

February 22

Hi Paul,

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with my 90 day IRP. That was seriously one of the most stressful times in my life. You feel completely helpless… as you are facing huge fines and a total disruption to you life. The hardest part is how you are treated through the whole process. You feel you have absolutely no recourse. When I first went to file for my dispute I was asked if I had a lawyer and if I wanted an oral or written hearing. I had no idea. My first thought was no not get a lawyer due to all the fines I was already facing. I had the impression that retaining a lawyer would be more money forked out for something I could fight myself. I decided to consult with some lawyers anyway and the bottom line is this… your prices were the best of all the lawyers I consulted and (although I didn’t know it at the time) I now know you provided me with the best advice. I truly believe I would not have won my case if I went with another lawyer. The advice that was given to me was so different from all the lawyers I saw and I was told I didn’t stand much of a chance regardless. Knowing what I do now, I would recommend without hesitation that if anyone is in this situation they retain you as their lawyer. I would like to thank you for being there for me to talk to and ask questions as I needed to… and obviously for your knowledge and expertise and having that vested interest in my case.”

February 17


“Thank you for getting my license back! I cannot say how happy I am that you won my IRP. You gave me my life back. I knew when I met you that you were compassionate, honest and a man of integrity. I appreciate that your fees are very low. Again, thanks. I will send anyone I know to you if they need a lawyer.”

D. D.
February 16


“Thank you. This has been a tough time but this is a huge relief. You have no idea how much your commitment and support has meant.

Your name will always be at the top of my list for lawyer referrals.

I wish you continued success.”

Hi Paul:

“Thank you for taking on my case in challenging the Immediate Roadside Prohibition under the new laws introduced last year that I was facing. I highly recommend Mr. Doroshenko and his team at Acumen Law. Paul laid out exactly what was required of me in the disputing process and kept me in the loop as to what to expect. The fees are extremely reasonable given the level of personal support and attention Paul gave to my case. Your professionalism and experience is first-class and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!”

January 7

Dear Paul,

“We wish to thank you again for your hard work. Watching you perform in court was a sheer pleasure as you eloquently argued our case. You were sincere in your approach and it made us feel as though we were close friends and confidants. We will recommend you to anyone who feels hopeless and doomed in their situation and I am sure you will rescue you them as you rescued us. You have changed our lives so much. You are a fine human being and the best criminal lawyer Vancouver has to offer.”

Hi Paul:

“I would like to personally thank you for getting my vehicle and driving privilege back. Not only does it save me time and money, but it also keeps my driving record immaculate. My career and job also remains steady and trouble free. I am surprised at how quickly you have managed to take care of this matter. It was money well spent to have this prohibition revoked. You are highly recommended and trustworthy. Thanks again for you time and professionalism.


December 30

Dear Paul,

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your professionalism, expertise and personal support with regards to my two impaired driving charges over the last four years. Retaining you to prove my innocence with both cases made me feel that the justice process does work. Considering the stress that such a process brings on, your sensitivity and understanding to my charges did make it a lot easier because I knew that you would do everything you can.”

Dear Paul,

“Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! I never thought I’d walk away from this but I did thanks to you. I’m so relieved that I retained you as my lawyer and I would highly recommend you to anyone who finds him or herself in a situation such as mine. You were professional, honest and forthright and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Your negotiating skills were outstanding and I was extremely impressed with how you handled my case.”

Re: Recent Legal Service – lawyer Paul Doroshenko,

“My son had some trouble with the law and I was referred to this firm by another long time friend and lawyer. The service was rapid and very professional. Paul was very thorough and caring with regard to my son and took the time to see that he was back on his feet and going in the right direction. Paul managed to secure diversion saving my son from a criminal record for a foolish mistake. We really appreciate this and we thank him for it. The fees were reasonable and we are all happy about that. I have heartily recommended this firm to others and will continue to do so.”


“I want to thank you again for all your help. You were very professional, compassionate and efficient. You dealt with my matter with surgical precision and saved me a lot of grief. Looking back, I’m really glad I hired you as my lawyer.”


Hi Paul,

“I want to thank you for getting my 90 day IRP revoked and my license back. I went to another law firm first and I felt worse coming out of that meeting but after meeting with you, I felt better about my situation and more hopeful about a positive outcome; I’d never met a lawyer with a heart before. A million thanks for your work and I wish you continued success.”

December 6


“Just a little note thanking you for winning my 90 day IRP. Another law firm told me I was in due care and control of my vehicle and therefore had no defense. But after discussing my situation with you, I was assured justice would prevail. Thank you Paul for your professionalism and expertise.”

November 22

To Paul,

“Thank you for representation of my trial. You did a great job. The time you put in on my case was really appreciated. I’d recommend you to all my friends.”


“Thank you for helping me successfully fight my 90 day IRP. I contacted a few lawyers and until I met with you I was unsure as to what to do. When I spoke to you it became clear – I needed to hire you to represent me at my oral review hearing. This was the best decision I made!

Without your expertise I know the outcome would not have been the same. Thank you for all your hard work!”



“I am so grateful that you got my drivers licence back. I can’t express what it means to me having you on my side.”

Good afternoon Paul,

“I just wanted to write you this email and thank you again for everything you’ve done for me over the year. I appreciate the fact that you worked hard and didn’t give up on me. Today, I’m a free man thanks to your efforts. I’m happy with the results, you got the job done, and at the end of the day that is what matters. I’m glad I hired you as my lawyer, it was a pleasure to have met you.


October 28

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