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Fort McMurray Criminal Lawyer

fort-mc-murray-criminal-lawyerWe are a British Columbia based law firm with a strong connection to Fort McMurray. We defend clients charged with criminal and driving offences in BC and Alberta. A number of our clients live in BC and work in the oil patch in Northern Alberta. Criminal Lawyer Paul Doroshenko, Q.C. was born and raised in Alberta and long ago graduated from the University of Alberta law school. He has presented to Alberta lawyers on the use and functioning of the RCMP breathalyzers used in Alberta. We have a direct 24-hour phone number from Fort McMurray to our offices in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

A Vancouver Criminal Lawyer to defend your Fort McMurray criminal charge

Alberta_Criminal_Law-300x182In large cities lawyers with specific practice areas gain a great deal of expertise in certain areas of the law. For example, a criminal lawyer in Vancouver may have more opportunities to refine their skills defending criminal cases than a general practitioner. There are many skilled and well-regarded lawyers practicing in smaller communities throughout Canada. If you are looking for someone with the specific skills to deal with the precise type of legal problem you are facing, you may wish to look for a lawyer with the right expertise in a big city.

The lawyers at Acumen Law Corporation have particularly refined practice areas so we can get the best results for our clients. For example, we have in our office the breathalyzers used by the RCMP. The impaired driving lawyers in our law office have the RCMP manuals for the breathalyzers and we are trained to operate them. Each of the impaired driving lawyers in our firm are certified to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests for alcohol impairment. We have a specific focus on drunk driving cases and impaired driving law. We know how the breathalyzers work, how to operate them and how to use the evidence to defend our clients who are charged with drunk driving.

Criminal Law in Canada is the same in Newfoundland and Labrador as it is in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. In Canada lawyers can defend clients in other provinces when necessary. It is part of a mobility agreement between the law societies of the provinces and it is designed to reflect the spirit of the constitutional guarantee to freedom of mobility in Canada. Our offices are based in British Columbia and we practice in Alberta under the mobility agreement. Because so many residents of BC work in Alberta, we regularly accept criminal cases in our neighbouring province.

Our expertise is the advantage of having a Vancouver Criminal Lawyer defend your Fort McMurray criminal charge.

Big City Defence

Because we defend so many criminal cases, we avoid unnecessary duplication in legal research and trial preparation. If the police violated your rights, arrested you illegally, or messed up the investigation chances are that we will recognize it right away and know just what to do in order to defend you on the charges. Were you searched without a warrant? We will identify the mistakes the police made and use the law to defend you. Were you arrested without just cause? A lack of “just cause” known as “reasonable and probably grounds” can provide a defence to simple theft, significant drug charges and anything in between.

Fairer than fair legal fees

Because of our refined practice areas, we get thing done in less time than you might expect. We know the work involved in defending your criminal case in Fort McMurray and therefore we accept cases on a fixed-fee basis with payment plans to make it easier. Our connection to Fort McMurray means that you may pay about the same for a big-city lawyer as you would if you hired a local lawyer. We happen to be in Fort McMurray very often to meet clients, visit friends and family and resolve legal cases so you do not pay a premium to have the expertise of a Vancouver Criminal Lawyer defending your case.

Cases we defend in Fort McMurray:

We defend all criminal cases. What this means is that if the RCMP in Fort McMurray are investigating you or they have given you paperwork ordering you to come to court, you can call us and we can be your lawyer.

Typical criminal charges that we defend are impaired driving, dangerous driving, hit and run, theft under $5000, assault, uttering threats, criminal harassment, possession for the purposes of trafficking narcotics, trafficking of a controlled substance, obtaining sexual services for consideration, mischief to property.

Contacting us to defend your Fort McMurray Criminal Charge

Fort_McMurray_need_to_drive-300x201It is easier than ever to hire a Vancouver Criminal Lawyer to defend your charge in Fort McMurray. We have a direct Fort McMurray criminal law hotline to our offices in the Lower Mainland of BC. We answer our phone 24-hours a day because we want to be prepared for any emergencies you may have with the police and to ensure you have the legal advice you can count on.

When it comes time to deal with your matter in court, our lawyers attend court for you so you do not need to miss work, or we go to court with you to wrap up your case. In one sense a Vancouver Criminal Lawyer works in the same way as a Fort McMurray Criminal Lawyer because we deal with a lot of the work over the phone, by fax and with email. Technology has made it easier than every to have a Vancouver Criminal Lawyer defend your criminal charge in Fort Mac.

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