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Never-ending ASD problems

Never-ending ASD problems

Immediate Roadside Prohibition IRP Lawyer Paul Doroshenko

When the new version of the IRP scheme came out mid June, one of the first undisclosed changes the Government also brought in was a document to hide ASD malfunctions. For over a year we identified never-ending ASD problems. To counter the evidence we disclosed, they came up with a document to hide the problems while ostensibly providing disclosure.

The document, called a Certificate of Qualified ASD Calibrator, was created so that in future legal challenges to the IRP scheme the Government can claim to be providing people with a fair hearing with disclosure about the ASDs used. The document records the information that the police and the Government want you to have, i.e. nothing of any use to prove that you are innocent. The information that we dug up showing that hundreds of the devices are malfunctioning came from maintenance records, solution change logs, calibration check sheets, memos and invoices. All of this is still hidden from people who are innocent and yet received an IRP.

The OSMV will not help you get the evidence from the police to prove that you are innocent. But we haven’t stopped digging. And what we’re finding astounds even us.

You may recall that we revealed that Port Moody was not properly calibrating their devices. The Port Moody ASD calibration debacle is now a full-on police cover-up. They won’t disclose the results of the investigation conducted by the New Westminster Police. Innocent people have been punished, but the Port Moody Police are more concerned about hiding their mistakes.

Surprising, even to us is that the Port Moody police are still screwing up but in other ways. If you received an IRP from the Port Moody police since June 15, 2012, call us and we’ll take your case.

On one of the first IRPs we defended under the new scheme, we became aware that one of the devices malfunctioned only hours after it was given a clean bill of health. We’re still waiting for the disclosure on that one. Another cover-up may be underway.

For others we have found materials that contradict the information described in the Certificate of Qualified ASD Calibrator. It seems that some police forces got the message that these documents are actually intended to hide evidence. And that’s what they’re doing.

What we are finding is that the never-ending ASD problems that we originally revealed to the media cannot be rectified because no matter what, some ASDs will malfunction.

We are cataloging the disclosure we have to date and expanding our library of information on specific devices. If you received an Immediate Roadside Prohibition, give us a call. If you received one in Port Moody at any time in the last two years, and in particular since June 15, 2012, give us a call. We have news for you.

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