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Our law office in Victoria

Our law office in Victoria

Law Office in Victoria

We’ve opened a law office in Victoria BC. Acumen Law Corporation’s newest office is located in downtown Victoria at 1529 Amelia Street. That puts us 2 minutes from the Victoria courthouse, government offices and the Victoria Police. It’s good location to serve our clients and follow through on some of our plans.

About a year ago we decided that we needed to increase our presence on Vancouver Island particularly with respect to Immediate Roadside Prohibition defence. As far as we can see, nobody has been putting in the significant resources necessary to be able to properly challenge IRPs except for us. We have built up a library of IRP material and collected police Approved Screening Devices (breathalyzers). We take them apart. We figure out problems with them. We obtained the equipment to calibrate police breathalyzers. Occasionally we even take calibration devices apart to identify problems.

We have records for individual Approved Screening Devices, manuals and training material for the use of the devices and the proper operation (and improper operation) of that very breathalyzer that you blew into at the roadside.

We collected all of this stuff because we use it every day to defend our clients with IRPs. The benefit to our clients is that we succeed with regularity and we know what we’re doing. On one Friday at the beginning of the month, for example, we received 10 successful IRP review decisions for clients from across BC. In one day alone 10 people had their prohibitions revoked and were able to get their cars back.

We defend a lot of IRPs

The good thing for us is that by defending so many 90-day prohibitions, we have become super skilled. Equally important, however, is that by defending so many IRPs we spot evidence and trends that might be meaningless to someone without our level of insight. Simply put, something that might not appear to be a defence may be a viable defence if you recognize a pattern. For us and our clients it’s the benefit of appealing the most number of IRPs.

We go to court

If we don’t succeed and we think the RoadSafetyBC tribunal got it wrong, we go to court. We’ve got filing cabinets filled with cases we’re appealing to BC Supreme Court. We’ve taken IRP cases to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

We’re tenacious. And we’re busy and that’s good for our clients. But as we’ve said before, two perpetual challenges we’ve found in running challenges to the IRP scheme are time and resources. So we’re expanding.


In the vast majority of IRP appeal hearings before the RoadSafetyBC tribunal, a live oral hearing is preferable because you can get a sense of the level of knowledge and understanding of the adjudicators and you can craft the submissions you make on behalf of your client for your particular audience. Oral hearings are better. As a lawyer it’s more work, but the success rate is higher for oral hearings.


Our law office in Victoria

We are now up and running in our law office in Victoria  defending 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions.

When we defend IRPs, you get the brains of the entire office on your side. Our IRP defence firm handles case from all across BC and all of the resources that we have available in our offices in Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey are now available to our team in Victoria.

About our Victoria location

The Acumen Law Corporation Victoria office is located at 1529 Amelia Street. The original building at that location was a heritage house that had fallen into disrepair. In 2005 the building underwent an entire renovation. The size was doubled by an addition that was designed to enhance and preserve the original building. The entire structure became a purpose-built office building for professionals and consulting firms.

We chose the location for our Victoria law office because of the relative proximity to the Victoria courthouse, the ease of access and the interesting heritage building. The other businesses located in this office building are also run by people who are considered the top of their field. It’s a good fit.

Boots on the ground appealing IRPs in Victoria

If you’re received a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition in Victoria, call 250-384-0100.

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