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Constructive Dismissal – Legal Assessment Service

labour-law-vancouverYou come to work one day and your boss walks into your office. He/She tells you that the Company is “restructuring”. He/She says there are going to be changes to your position. Your salary is going to be reduced and you are going to be reassigned or transferred. Your title is going to change. Perhaps you are told that going forward you will report to the person you trained last year. Maybe the office is moving to another city or town and you do not want to move there.

Can the Company force you to accept whatever the changes that directly affect your position? Can you tell them that you refuse to accept the changes and demand that they pay you severance? Can you quit and sue for wrongful dismissal? Do you have to continue working for them “under protest” after telling them you refuse to accept the changes? How long do you have to tell them you refuse the changes before you lose your legal rights?

This is the law of constructive dismissal. It is a challenging and complex area of employment law and demands timely action. We will provide you the advice and information you need to protect your rights. We offer urgent and clear advice for flat fee of 300.00 plus PST/GST.

When we are done advising you, be assured you will know your rights and have answers to questions like:

  • Can the Company force you to accept the changes to your job?
  • If they cannot force you to accept them, do you still have to work there?
  • Can you ask to negotiate with the Company about the changes affecting your job?
  • Are you required to quit to obtain severance?
  • Does your employer have to put the changes to your job in writing?
  • If you work under the new changes, do you lose your right to compensation?


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