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Representing Yourself – Legal Assessment Service

labour-law-vancouverYou are smart, confident, and capable. You have a case against your employer but can’t afford a lawyer to pursue it for you.

Maybe the maximum damages you could recover against your employer are on $5,000.00 – $10,000.00 and using a lawyer to handle your entire case from start to finish would leave you with nothing.

A 2013 study funded by the Law Foundations of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia found that the primary motivations for people representing themselves was the inability to afford a lawyer and bad experiences with lawyers. This included counsel “doing nothing”, counsel not interested in settling the case, difficulty finding counsel to take their case, counsel not listening or explaining and counsel not competent and making mistakes. The study also found that people who represent themselves are broadly representative of the general Canadian population. 50% were men and 50% were women. 50% possessed university degrees. 57% reported income of less than $50,000.00 per year and 40% of less than $30,000.00 per year.

If you wish to represent yourself in an employment matter or have already started the process and need help, we can assist. We will work with you in the background and help you make sense of the process, forms, and procedures. We will guide you on presentation and protocol. We will be act as the coach on the sideline giving you the tools to work through the maze of the justice system and your case.

When you represent yourself, we do not go on record with the justice system as your lawyers. Rather we advise you from the background and for the limited purpose of helping you act on your own. In legal parlance, it is known as a “limited scope retainer”. We do not have conduct of your case. We only act as your “coach” and give you the information and confidence you need to take your own case to resolution.
We will provide you with the answers you need like:

  • The steps in the legal process.
  • The forms you have to complete, file and serve.
  • How to present your case in person or in writing.
  • The strength or merit of your employment case.
  • Protocols and conduct before a tribunal or court.
  • How to use the law and legal precedent in your employment case.
  • Settlement possibilities and alternate dispute resolution including basic negotiating strategies.
  • The answers to the questions you have provided ion your list.

Our fee for the Self-Represented Legal Assessment Service is $300.00 plus GST/PST for an initial assessment. We then work with you on an hourly fee basis as your case requires.

Jason Koshman is a proponent of technology leverages technology in his practice. Why? Because clients want it, use it, and demand it. The legal profession has been notoriously slow to use technology in the delivery of legal services.

In our frenetic world, people simply don’t have time to take 3 or 4 hours to go to a lawyer’s office, meet, and return to work or home. Leveraging technology lowers cost allowing for more affordable fees and greater access to justice for our clients.


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