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Termination From Employment – Legal Assessment Service

labour-law-vancouverWithout warning, you get called into a meeting with your boss and they tell you that they are sorry, but that the Company has decided to part ways with you. They wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Your boss may give you termination letter and other documents. The letters and documents may offer you a severance package or even include a severance cheque. You may also receive a formal document to sign called a Release of Claims. The letters may include a deadline for you to respond.

Or maybe the Company says it is terminating you for cause because of something like false allegations of theft, dishonesty, or performance problems.

You are asked to hand over Company keys, cell phone and other Company property. You are asked to clean out your work area and may even be escorted out of your place of work.

Whatever your situation you are likely angry, scared, and confused.

Can the Company legally do what they have done? Is the severance package they have offered consistent with what a Court would award you? Is the Release of Claims fair? Does the Company have just cause? Are you entitled to severance if none was offered? What about employment references, your benefits, pension and ROE?

You need answers and you need a legal assessment fast. We offer urgent and clear advice when you find yourself terminated or laid off for a reasonable flat fee of 300.00 plus PST/GST.

We will review and assess your situation and tell you exactly what are your legal options.

When we are done advising you, be assured you will know your rights and have answers to questions like:

  • Is the severance package the Company has offered fair?
  • If no severance has been offered, am I entitled to any?
  • Should I accept the severance package offered or seek more?
  • What steps can be taken to have the Company increase its offer or force them to provide me with severance?
  • Should I sue for wrongful dismissal?
  • What happens to my benefits and pension plan if any?
  • Am I entitled to a reference letter for future employment?
  • Do I have to start looking for a new job right away?
  • Has the Company complied with the Employment Standards Act?
  • Has the Company complied with the Employment Insurance Act?
  • What are my options?


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