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Re: Spousal Assault (Client 840)
Vancouver Criminal Lawyer:  Paul C. Doroshenko



Vancouver Police responded to a 911 call made by the wife of the client. The client was having an affair. The complainant alleged that the client put his knee on her back and choked her. She complained of ongoing medical and psychological problems as a result of the alleged assault.



The credibility of the complainant is shattered following cross-examination by Mr. Doroshenko. The complainant is jealous and vindictive and her evidence cannot be trusted. She omits facts not favorable to her story and denies obvious truths. In light of the complainant’s demonstrably unreliable evidence and the accused’s denial, the accused is found not guilty.


My Experience of Paul Doroshenko – Acumen Law Office What Our Clients have to say about us:

Mr. Paul Doroshenko has been absolutely up front and honest with me from the very beginning! Through the process of working with my case over the past year, Mr. Doroshenko has realistically laid out my options in a kind honest manner, with a positive attitude and a no B.S. policy. He has managed to achieve the best possible outcome for my case, for which I am forever grateful! I am convinced that Paul loves what he does, as he is a stand-up lawyer, and would put his best efforts into all cases he works on. I would like to thank Mr Doroshenko for helping me, and being a passionate, trustworthy law coach over the past year. I would recommend Paul to anyone who seeks advice and representation with their criminal law case.

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