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The most information about Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

The most information about Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

The Most Information about IRP DUIs

In a recent blog post we bragged about our IRP Appeal Library. We received some emails in response pointing out that our blog and our website has the most information about Immediate Roadside Prohibitions you’ll find anywhere. We know that. And thank you very much.

We’re doing our best to ensure that as many people as possible succeed on their IRP appeal. For us as lawyers there is nothing that bothers us more than the thought of innocent people who end up stuck with an IRP that they didn’t deserve. In the blog post we mention that we use our library for the exclusive use of our clients. There are many reasons for us to keep our cards close to our chests and not reveal everything we’ve collected.

Nevertheless, we are always working to ensure that people who receive an IRP can find the information they need on our website. To that end we’ve recently created some new resources to help people who have just been dinged with a 90-day DUI. We know that it’s a stressful time. We’re doing what we can to help.

Our newest page is designed to answer some of the more perplexing questions people have when they’ve received an IRP. Our particular concern is that many people misunderstand the gravity of the situation and the jeopardy they face. Other people decide to do their cases without our help and they find out the hard way that the argument they formulated is a dead loser. Worse still is when they later find out we could have succeeded had they simply called us.

So we now have two pages to deal with the many questions people have about appealing their IRP. If you have just received an IRP, start here: FAQ IRP Immediate Roadside Prohibitions from Driving.

If you would like answers to some of the more in depth questions about IRPs, visit our new page: IRP Frequently Asked Questions.

The most information about Approved Screening Devices

Although we’re not sharing our library, we’ve written a number of blog posts about Approved Screening Devices used in BC to issue IRPs. Knowledge is power and we’re trying to empower British Columbians with more knowledge about the breathalyzers that the police use in DUI cases.

The roadside breathalyzer used in BC is the Alco-Sensor IV DWF Screener. We’ve written about it many times here on the blog. Our most popular blog post is about how to beat the the breathalyzer, where we discuss the one method we’ve found to make it generate lower test results. We also discuss the functioning of the device in the posts: False positives for alcohol on an ASD, The approved screening device, Snap (which should be read in conjunction with the beat the breathalyzer post if you want to put the whole thing together), What is the right tool, and Important tests.

Buried deep in our site is a very important page about Approved Screening Devices and how they work: The ASD – How it Works

We have wanted to provide as much information as possible about ASDs and the IRP scheme in general. Some pages are difficult to categorize under a drop down menu, such as The ASD – How it Works. As a result, pages such as this with important information are often overlooked.

Although we’ve already got the most information about Approved Screening Devices on our site, we’re putting together more technical descriptions of the ASDs and how they work.

It’s important to us that we provide the most information about Immediate Roadside Prohibitions you’ll find anywhere. If you need help with an IRP appeal, simply give us a call. We’re always ready to discuss your IRP.




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