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Client Testimonials: Kyla Lee

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer
Kyla Lee Lawyer

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer Kyla Lee has distinguished herself with her encyclopaedic knowledge of criminal law precedents and Charter jurisprudence. Kyla has been involved with court challenges to the 90-day DUI scheme from the first day that the Government introduced the legislation. Read testimonials, lawyer reviews for Kyla Lee.

On January 2019 I was issued an IRP by a peace officer in Victoria, BC. At first, I was extremely concerned because my work life was about to take a turn for the worst, and I wasn’t sure how to go about getting this dealt with. Thankfully, one of my friends knew about Acumen Law and told me to get in touch with Kyla Lee. Even though I contacted them with two days left to dispute my IRP, Kyla Lee, and her team at Acumen Law got to work right away. To make matters worse I had to leave the province during the time in which my case was being reviewed but that had no impact on the process thanks to the diligent work carried out by the staff at Acumen law. They were able to guide me through everything I had to do, and thanks to their expertise in this field they were able to REVOKE my IRP and get me back on the road. If you or anyone you know is ever issued an IRP I would highly recommend you give the team at Acumen Law a call!


I want to thank Acumen Law Corporation, namely Kyla Lee, for my cases’ successful decision.  I was working in British Columbia in February of 2018, coming from Ontario.  I arrived during a severe winter storm.  Later on, after being checked into a hotel, I decided to go outside to have a cigarette, seeing I couldn’t smoke in my room.  As I went outside for a puff, I felt the wintery weather again.  I jumped into my vehicle to keep warm while enjoying my cigarette.

Everything went upside down when the RCMP pulled up to me, trying to question me. End of that story; I received an automatic 90-day IRP Suspension for refusing to blow. Shortly after, the World Wide Web(Internet), directed me to the Top IRP Lawyers in British Columbia, Canada.

All I can say is THANK YOU, Acumen Law Corporation via Kyla Lee. Without your help, my life may have changed for a long time.

Kyla Lee, is a direct, to the point, stress-free Lawyer, who will not require a lot of your time in order to be successful.  I couldn’t have asked for an easier, stress-free success, even though we aren’t all guilty. The Court of Law is not an easy place for debate.

If you ever need a representative to help you succeed in something you are not guilty of, I would definitely recommend Acumen Law and/or Kyla Lee, any day of the week,

Respectfully Yours,
Todd L

“I received a 90 day IRP and hired Kyla for her services. Working with her was a breeze. She was very informative, let me know exactly what was happening and didn’t misinform me as to my chances of beating the IRP. I was well aware that there would be additional fees if this went to court and was prepared to pay if need be. Less than 24 hours after I had met with her she called me an told me there was an inaccuracy with the paperwork (something I would never have spotted) and that my case was beat! I would recommend her to anyone who goes through this, as I believe her technical abilities helped me beat this IRP.”


“I recently received a 90 day IRP and was devastated. For the first couple of days I was torn by anxiety and near depression as I tried to cope with the prospect of what this could mean and the huge negative impact it had on my life. I spoke with a lawyer I found on the internet and wasn’t reassured there was much that could be done, while I just found other sites confusing as to what they could do to help. I came upon Acumen Law’s website and was very impressed with what I read so I called them on a Saturday morning and got Kyla Lee right away. I also received further reassurance when I spoke with a friend whose nephew had gone through the same situation and was successfully represented by Kyla. I immediately felt better after retaining Kyla and she was ultimately successful in having my IRP revoked. If you should find yourself in this unfortunate situation I highly recommend you contact Kyla.

Thank you so much Kyla and Acumen Law.”


“I was given an IRP by the Vancouver Police in January 2016. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Paul Doroshenko and his team at Acumen Law through a different law firm. They informed me that Acumen Law was “The” place to go for an IRP defense. I met with Paul and found him to be straight forward, plain spoken and unpretentious. He assigned his associate Kyla Lee to handle my case.

I found Kyla to be personable, professional and very perceptive. After analyzing the evidence presented by the police Kyla filed the appeal to the tribunal and in the end we were successful. I am very fortunate to have come to Acumen Law and even more fortunate to have Kyla Lee represent me. She really knocked it out of the park.

Thank you to the team at Acumen Law and especially Ms. Kyla Lee. You did a great job for me.”

Brent M.

Subject: Re: Acumen Law Corporation – IRP Review Decision

“Thank you so much for the great news. I would like to thank you all personally for the help with my case. It has been a long 7 months of waiting for a decision and finally the best news came that my IRP had been revoked. Kyla and Debbie deserve a huge pat on the back, and many thanks, for the hard work, dedication and professionalism that they showed with everything from the first phone call, to emails and so on.

Thanks Kyla Lee and Team for helping me with this winning decision, I could not have done it without you!!


Jeremy R

“I received a 90-day IRP in January and decided to seek out an IRP lawyer a couple days after my encounter with the Police. At the moment, I was scared and unsure what to do as I felt I was wrongfully given the IRP. As this would greatly impact my work life, I decided to look at my options online. I came across Acumen Law Corp and read some positive reviews. I decided to give them a call and was referred to Kyla Lee, who walked me through the process and immediately got things going, as there was only a 7-day period to file an application for review. I was unaware of this 7-day period and was glad that I looked into finding a lawyer right away or I may have missed my opportunity to apply for a review. After she reviewed the police report she was able to find evidence to support my case and present it at the review. Kyla was very professional and empathetic given my situation. She kept me informed every step of the way and in the end was successful at winning my case. I greatly appreciate all the hard work she did for me and would recommend her to anyone who has received and IRP.

Take care,”


Re: Lawyer Kyla Lee

“Upon receiving a 90 IRP, I contacted Acumen Law and talked with Ms. Lee. She reviewed all documents I received pertaining to my IRP and compared them to their own records of ASDs being used in British Columbia. In doing this, Ms. Lee found an inconsistency with the service records provided by the police department and the two ASDs that were used against me. This evidence was provided to the adjudicator in my review and the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (RoadSafetyBC) then revoked my prohibition based on this evidence. My 90 Day IRP was revoked because Ms. Lee was able to submit evidence during my review that I did not have. I highly recommend speaking to Ms. Kyla Lee at Acumen Law for advice on how to proceed with a 90 Day IRP.”



“I wanted to thank you so much for the beyond unbelievable job you did with my situation. I had spoken to another lawyer before I was referred to you. They told me to wait until my first appearance and that is when they could start to help me. I am so glad I called you. I couldn’t believe how quickly you started making phone calls on my behalf. Your professional demeanor, winning attitude, and creativity allowed me to avoid court and quickly close my file. I really appreciated how you were always there to answer my questions and ease any worries that I had. Thank you and good luck in your career. I will make sure to refer you to whomever can use your help.



Dear Kyla,

“I trust you are well.

At the very outset I wish to apologize for the delay in sending you my appreciation and sincere thanks for bring me out of a very sticky situation.

Your perception of the case, and the efficiency with which you handled my matter with the RCMP and the authorities was simply astounding. Your prediction of the case and confidence put me at absolute ease. I ceased to worry. I knew I was in safe hands. I dedicate my victory entirely to you.

It goes without saying that I will without hesitation recommend you and your Law firm to my large circle of friends. I truly appreciate what you did for me.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards.”


Subject: Re: Acumen Law – IRP Review Decision

“Thank you Debbie for the quick update and thank you Kyla for successfully fighting this for me. I am really glad to hear the results and appreciate everything you did to fight the case.



“Upon receiving a 90 day IRP, I contacted Acumen Law Corporation and spoke with Kyla Lee. I was very surprised and impressed that she was available to answer my call early on a Saturday morning. Kyla was very helpful in answering all my questions that day. After having blown a “fail” twice, I thought there would be no chance of my IRP being revoked. After some thought I decided to open a file with Kyla and I am so happy that I did. Within 11 days my IRP was revoked and my driving record was cleared. I am forever grateful for this. Kyla’s professionalism, impressive attention to detail and the “fighter instinct” in her is what led to this outcome. I am so glad I called Acumen Law Corporation and would highly recommend Kyla to anyone faced with this situation. Kyla, I appreciate all the hard work you did on my behalf and I just want to say thank you very much for all that you did for me.

Take care and keep up the good work!”


Ms. Kyla Lee

“Just a note to inform you of our sense of satisfaction with your handling of our file. We believe the successful outcome was due to your diligence and experience and for that we thank you.

Beyond that I feel it important you know we appreciated having the options available and the processes.

Our thanks and best wishes.”


To: Debbie
Subject: A Testimonial

“I have to express my great appreciation for the service Kyla Lee provided me. Being completely clueless about the way this IRP system works, the help Kyla provided was awesome. I felt I had no chance of having my licence prohibition revoked, but somehow Kyla made it happen. I’m grateful to Kyla and team for pulling me out of that depressing mess.”


“When I was pulled over and asked to provide a breath sample for the enforcing officer I was unsure of what was going to happen. The results I got from the test showed the machine to be inaccurate. After I received my IRP I had called Kyla Lee for legal advice. After months of extensions and a court hearing she was successful with my case. I would recommend using Acumen Law if you need legal help. Kyla did a great job for me and now I can move on with my life, very professional and excellent service.”


Re: Impaired driving and driving over .08

“Just want to say and give my thanks for all the hard work that your law firm did regarding my case. Without your guidance and continual care my life would be going in a much different direction. Kyla did a great job keeping my record clean and handling my case in court. Her expertise is second to none. A much needed thanks.”


“I received an IRP in August 2013, and retained Acumen Law to represent me. I had never before been in such a situation and was very distressed that a lapse of judgment could have such dire and far reaching consequences.

Kyla Lee immediately put me at ease – she was very helpful, a good listener, and communicative as to my rights within the mostly intimidating and arbitrary process of punishment given out by RoadSafetyBC.

She was also honest. When a review of the police record revealed little grounds for a further appeal, she was forthright about the chance of success and did not push for more fees. Further, she made sure that I knew what my options were and what costs I would bear should I pursue the case further, but with no pressure to do so.

Despite some tight deadlines, Kyla and her team meticulously prepared my appeal to the mandatory requirement to attend the RDP program. When my appeal was subsequently rejected nearly a year later, Acumen did not back down, and were determined to fight the review in court. In fact, they felt so strongly that my rights needed to be upheld that they only charged me court-filing costs. The very thorough and logical petition they prepared undermined the review panels’ arguments for a referral to the program, and was ultimately successful!

Last week I was informed that my requirement to attend the RDP program was cancelled.

I would highly recommend Acumen Law. Everyone’s case is different – and success is never guaranteed – but I can attest that their straightforward approach, strong experience, deep knowledge base, and unwavering dedication to defending their clients’ rights are the elements that were critical to success in my case.



Hi Kyla,

“I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for your work on my case. This whole experience has been very humbling to say the least! I must admit the past few weeks have been quite an eye opener for me. I was thinking about the IRP hearing date every day for the past few weeks since contacting your office. Very stressful.

The successful decision was like a “redemption” for me. The best Christmas present I could have gotten!

You answered all my questions and gave faith in the system when the chips were down you came through.

Also thanks goes to Debbie for keeping me updated on the day to day case matters.

Happy holidays and all the best in 2015.

Best Regards,”

Shane J.

Ms. Kyla Lee

“First off Thank You and all at Acumen Law Corporation for the work you all do. Words cannot describe how I feel right now. I have never met you, I wish to meet you one day so you know and feel what I am feeling right now. I made a phone call on a Sunday afternoon and you called back fast.

It got dark and gray and stress took over. I didn’t know what too expect. You said my arguments are very good. I have a good chance to beat this 90 day IRP. I still didn’t know which way it was going to go.

17 days after that initial phone call on Sunday afternoon, my world was brightened up and the sun came out too play with a message that changed my life. 90 day IRP GONE, did not pay a cent to the impound or ICBC. Smiles all around learned my lesson. With out you this would not be possible.



“I RECENTLY HAD RECEIVED A 90 DAY, I was feeling doomed until I phoned Kyla Lee. She returned my call almost right away!! Don’t waste time this is who you want you have a week to prepare everything for an appeal. Kyla answered all of my calls along the way to a successful appeal which I am very grateful!!!! Kyla Lee is a soft spoken, kind and likeable person and lawyer. I am from Kamloops so I was very unsure about the whole thing but she reassured me its done on the phone all the time, as well as her doing the hearing. Top notch job I am very impressed! When she wasn’t available Tavneet assured me she would call and she always did. Also other members of the firm when available would also discuss the matter. Acumen lawyers are the experts .SO GET ON IT!!”


Hi Kyla,

“I want to thank you once again for your diligence and professionalism in handling my 90-day IRP case. I’m so happy that I decided to pursue a review with your firm. I felt hopeless and defeated by the system, and I’m sure my review wouldn’t have been successful had you not been on my side. You were able to identify and point out subtleties in the police evidence that I surely wouldn’t have noticed. Your expertise and knowledge in drinking and driving charges is second to none. Communicating with you was also really easy. Your attitude in dealing with me was one of quiet confidence and your demeanor reassuring. You listened to me calmly and were able to answer all of my questions, amidst my anxiety. I can honestly say that after meeting you, my doubts dissipated because I knew I had an excellent lawyer on my side. I had a feeling that the outcome of the review would be successful with you handling my case…, and I was right! Keep up the great work defending the wrongfully convicted, and continue challenging the BC IRP regime for a system that is just! I will make sure to refer you to anyone who is in need of legal advice.



Dear Kyla Lee:

“Thank you very much for your work you completed in helping me obtain my driver’s license back without having to install the interlocking device on my vehicle.




“I just want to say thank you for taking my case an winning, back in June 2014, I know is late, but still want to say thank you.

Also want to say thank you for helping my friend CL. He just told me that you also won his case. After I knew he got in trouble I asked him to contact you right away, I knew that you can help him.

Anyways, thank you very much for you hard work.



Hi Kyla,

“I would like to start off by saying thank you so much for taking on my case for my IRP. I received a 90 Day IRP due to blowing a fail after having only 2 drinks 3 1/2 prior to driving. I couldn’t believe I blew a fail and the officer had no choice but to suspend me for 90 days and tow my car for 30 days. Even though this was my first time this ever happened to me I got the maximum penalty. So the next morning which was a Sunday I began calling a list of lawyers. Leaving voicemails for all of them except you. I was very surprised and impressed that you answered my call on a Sunday morning and immediately began the paperwork process. You were so informative and answered all my questions before I even decided to go with you as my lawyer. I then learned that I may have blown a fail do to my acid reflux condition and the fact that I didn’t feel like I was over the legal limit and the officer stating that I appeared normal you suggested I go and see my doctor to get a note from him. Then you referred my condition to your medical professional who gave a great statement regarding the difference between mouth alcohol verses blood alcohol and the fact of my condition the results of the breath test was unreliable. Also due to my condition that I am currently under treatment for I get bloated and burp a lot and this was most likely the reason for the fail. We then proceeded to the oral hearing where you stated my case for me and had my 90 Day IRP revoked. I sincerely thank you for all your hard work in my case as it has saved my job because I am an outside sales rep and brought my life back to normal. Keep up the fight against this law.

I would recommend calling Kyla first if you encounter a 90 Day IRP as she knows all about the law and handles the cases in a fast and efficient manner to get you back on the road. Thanks again Kyla and keep up the great work.

Best Regards,”


Ms. Kyla Lee

“I wanted to express a few words on how you handled my situation. I was facing a 7-day WARN IRP which came with several consequences. I have called several law firms before coming across you. Right from the first phone call even before committing to your firm you were answering question after question which no other lawyer took the time to do. You took a 7 day IRP case which I see in many blogs is quite challenging and didn’t take no for an answer. When you thought the first decision was unfair, you kept fighting the case till it was totally revoked and erased from my driving record. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for all your hard work you have done and your knowledge in these cases are unbelievable. On top of that you have such a reasonable rate for your services it was worth every cent. If I find anyone in these situations I would immediately recommend you. Anyone facing a WARN IRP I highly recommend Kyla. I again thank-you for everything you did Kyla.”


Hi Kyla,

“I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for your work on my behalf with respect to my 90 day IRP.

The positive result has been a huge relief as this situation has been a major source of stress for my family and me.

Without your expertise and attention to detail I expect I would be dealing with all of the costs/penalties and inconvenience of a 90 day IRP right now.
Anyone going through an IRP would be wise to work with you and your associates.

Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.

Further I would like to thank your entire firm for your efforts in the fight to get our province to move to a impaired driving process that is just.




“Thank you for your wisdom and insight into helping respond to the Notice of Intent to Prohibit, which I received following two WARN IRPs. I am very grateful for your helping in having a 4-month intended prohibition cancelled completely.

I appreciated your forthright approach before I even become a client, and your willingness to patiently educate me about the process. This seems to be a very rare trait among lawyers. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to others, with the knowledge that if you can help them, you will.

Gratefully yours,”


“I am extremely glad that I made the decision to contact Kyla Lee at Acumen Law to represent me in my appeal regarding my IRP. There is no way I would have received the positive outcome without the representation I received.

Morgan (receptionist at Acumen) was also extremely helpful with all the calls she received from me. This was a first and extremely anxious
experience for me, so I had many questions that she patiently answered.

Thanks and cheers,”


Thank you Daisy (receptionist at Acumen Law), You and Kyla have lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. Thank you for being friendly and patient and thank Kyla for defending me appropriately.

Acumen Law handled my case with great care, clarity, and assistance. I would recommend them above anyone else, they are clearly extremely adept professionals in theirfield. I owe them eternal gratitude.” Seriously, thank you all for
lifting this burden from my shoulders. 🙂

– Jason

“Kyla and her staff represented me in my case.  They were friendly and
helpful on the phone.  They helped me gather and organize evidence to
support my case.  My questions and emails were answered in a timely
fashion.  They made the process easier than I expected.

Kyla clearly explained to me the process, the schedule, and my chance.

Despite not having great faith in the in the chance of winning my case,
I won, because of Kyla and her staff.

I am grateful for their help and would recommend them to anyone that has
need of their assistance.

Thank you and Kyla for all your help in Maggie’s case!”

Best Regards,

Jay & Maggie

“I am happy with the decision.
I want to thank Kyla and her crew for what has been done for me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who will be in need . Her professional , highly knowledgeable approach to any case, plus using
any possible options lead to success . I got my licence and car back in no time with no charges at all thanks to her.”


“Hi Kyla,

I was just writing to say thanks again for everything. I had seen you in the paper and was reminded I’d forgotten to write back to give a quote that you might want to use for advertising.

I thought “efficient, effective and worth every penny” sums up your work.

Thanks again so much,”

-Matt M

“I was so happy to have Kyla to help me out when I got an IRP, I was so panic at the beginning, but after connected with Kyla and her team (Daisy, Morgan), I felt much better because I knew I put things in good hands. My IRP was revoked in 10 days and I got my driver’s license back in 10 days! Kyla and her team showed me incredible professionalism, and always response to my nervous questions promptly and professionally. Driving safely shall be paramount, but in any case you get into a driving situation, Kyla is the professional you should consult with.”


“On January 2019 I was issued an IRP by a peace officer in Victoria, BC. At first I was extremely concerned because my work life was about to take a turn for the worst, and I wasn’t sure how to go about getting this dealt with. Thankfully one of my friends knew about Acumen Law, and told me to get in touch with Kyla Lee. Even though I contacted them with two days left to dispute my IRP, Kyla Lee, and her team at Acumen Law got to work right away. To make matters worse I had to leave the province during the time in which my case was being reviewed but that had no impact on the process thanks to the diligent work carried out by the staff at Acumen law. They were able to guide me through everything I had to do, and thanks to their expertise on this field they were able to REVOKE my IRP, and get me back on the road. If you or anyone you know is ever issued an IRP I would highly recommend you give the team at Acumen Law a call!”

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