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Driving While Prohibited Case Results

Defending Driving While Prohibited charges everywhere in British Columbia


Even a few traffic tickets can instigate a process here the Government prohibits you from driving. The charge of Driving While Prohibited is considered among the most serious driving offenses in the Motor Vehicle Act. It is one of the few offenses where jail is mandatory in certain circumstances.


The defenses in Driving While Prohibited cases are technical and typically very complex. Nevertheless, with the right defense strategy many Driving While Prohibited cases are successfully challenged.


Re: Drive While Prohibited (Client 3503)


Lawyer: Paul C. Doroshenko

Acumen Law client charged with driving while prohibited due to an indefinite suspension.



Client stopped by the RCMP in Richmond who determine right away that the client is prohibited from driving in British Columbia. They seize his Alberta drivers license, his vehicle and forward a charge of Driving While Prohibited. Paul Doroshenko conducted the trial.



At trial in Richmond provincial court evidence is called demonstrating that the accused was operating under an officially induced error. ICBC representatives told him that he “was good” and he concluded that he was okay to drive. There is a reasonable doubt as to whether he had the requisite mental state to commit the offense. Not guilty.

Re: Drive While Prohibited (Client 3281)


Lawyer: Paul C. Doroshenko

Accused client charged with driving while prohibited.



The accused was issued a driving prohibition by a Surrey RCMP officer. The prohibition was outstanding and waiting to be issued by police because the driver had been mailed a Notice of Prohibition but he had not acknowledged it. The client, an auto mechanic, needed his license for work. The RCMP officer explained that he would be mailed an official prohibition.


Days later the client is pulled over by two Vancouver police officers and detained for driving while prohibited. He is issued an Appearance Notice to face the charge in court.



The evidence of the police supports the conclusion that the police misinformed the client of his legal status and the process concerning the prohibition. It was reasonable for the client to rely on the RCMP. Acquittal.

Re: Driving While Prohibited (Client 3859)


Lawyer: Kyla Lee

Client was stopped by police and issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition. Checks of the driver revealed that she was prohibited from driving. Client was charged with driving while prohibited.



Client was stopped for running a stop sign. She was issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition after an ASD test was conducted, which she failed. During checks on the police computer, police discovered she was prohibited from driving.


During trial, the main investigating officer testified. After cross-examination, lawyer Kyla Lee argued that there was no evidence to support the charge.



The officer’s testimony was insufficient to support the charge of driving while prohibited. The necessary elements that had to be proven in the case were not proven and the client was acquitted.

Re: Drive While Prohibited (Client 516)


Vancouver Lawyer: Paul C. Doroshenko

Accused client charged with driving while prohibited due to a 24-hour driving prohibition.



Client prohibited from driving for 24 hours. Pulled over driving during the 24-hour period and charged with driving while prohibited.



The prosecutor must call evidence to prove that the 24-hour prohibition was lawful. Absent of evidence proving that the 24-hour prohibition was lawful, Crown counsel has not proven that the client was prohibited when driving.

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