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Legal Fees

Reasonable Fees


Acumen_Law_Legal_fees-300x200Our legal fees are reasonable, affordable and fair. We are lawyers for regular people like you.


Rich people and big corporations have expensive lawyers who charge big hourly fees. People on social assistance get their lawyers paid for by the government. Shouldn’t there be a lawyer for the people who work for a living?


Our philosophy is that you should only pay for the legal work that needs to be done. We’re efficient, so we do our legal work quickly and we pass the savings on to our clients. We involve our clients as best as possible in helping us handle their case. In this way we remain focused on the ultimate goal which is to get the best results for as little money as possible.


The future of legal services is representing regular people for a reasonable price by maintaining specialized practice areas. We are at the forefront, providing the highest quality legal representation at a fraction of the cost lawyers have traditionally charged.

Free Consultation – Criminal Law


We provide an initial in-office consultation free of charge to all clients facing a criminal investigation or criminal charge. The free initial meeting includes a case analysis, a review of options and advice on the next step to defend the charges.


We will take the time to listen to the facts and explain to you what you need to know to successfully defend your criminal charge or driving case. If you decide you want our Law Firm to take your case, you will still not be charged for the initial consultation, including relevant legal advice.

Legal Fees – Immediate Roadside Prohibition


If you need an IRP lawyer, you have come to the right place. We succeed in more Immediate Roadside Prohibition appeals than any other law firm in British Columbia. We act for clients from all over the province and usually we can get started on the case with just a phone call. Our legal fees are very reasonable and manageable because we work fast and we are extremely good at what we do.


If you have received a driving prohibition, we will usually accept your case over the phone. Often we need to get to work as quickly as possible. We are easy to talk to. Just give us a call.

Contingency Fees – ICBC Accident Injury Cases


In ICBC and most accident injury claim cases we act for our clients on the basis that you only pay for a lawyer if we secure a just and fair settlement agreement. We are paid for our legal work by making sure you collect the settlement you deserve to compensate you for the losses you suffered due to the accident. Call us and we can discuss your case free of charge. If you decide that you want us to be your lawyer to get the best result in your ICBC claim, we will spell it all out on paper so you know the work that we will do in your case.

Criminal Lawyer for a Criminal Case


We offer a free initial consultation in all criminal cases. Our fees are reasonable and can be paid by installment.


As your matter progresses, we continue to assess your case to ensure that you are not paying for legal work you may not need. We provide the highest quality legal work at very reasonable rates.

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Payment Plans

In most criminal cases we accept interest-free payments over time to help you pay your legal fees without making it a burden.


Payment Methods

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac e-Transfer, Debit, cheques and cash.
Money paid to our law firm is held in trust for you until our work is complete.

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