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Client Testimonials: Roy Ho

Richmond Lawyer

Lawyer Roy Ho deals with ICBC insurance cases including suing ICBC for coverage on insurance and securing settlements on ICBC injury claims such as damage and loss due to an accident. Roy deals with contractual breaches including wrongful dismissal and commercial agreements.

“I am very happy with how Roy Ho and his team at Acumen Law helped me regarding my ICBC case. The Acumen team provided me with excellent customer service and communication throughout the time that I was dealing with ICBC, which can be stressful.

Thank you Roy and the Acumen Law for hard work!”


“It has been long battle but i have had my full confidence in you since day one.  I really appreciate all your efforts that you had invested, and I am glad that we can finally move on.

If I have any friends or families who will be seeking any legal advice, i know you will be the person to send them to.

Once again thank you for everything, Roy.”


“Roy was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. December 2014 I was involved in a car accident. I was not only taken advantage by ICBC but was taken advantage by another person that had no experience of dealing with my international driving license/accident situation. It was a stressful time. I was dealing with doctors, ICBC adjustors, ICBC driving licensing representative and the overwhelming emotions, knowing that I was misinformed and misguided by ICBC adjustor to make poor decisions.

Until I met Roy, and walked me through my case, provide me with options and his professional advice. He answered all my questions, no matter how trivial (even after office hours!), and took time out of his day to explain the letters/emails he had received on my behalf from ICBC and advised me on what to do next. Now that I have won my case, I can finally put that weight on my shoulders down and sleep better at night.

Once again thank you Roy. Thank you so much for everything!”

A. Chu

“I am so blessed to have been guided to the legal firm Acumen Law when I had a car accident which had complications involved. Roy Ho had such an honest and straight forward way about him and he even said that if he thinks there is no hope for my case, that he wouldn’t waste our time and my money to pursue this legal issue .

He did his job, basically leaving me to just get some distance on the horrible emotional space I was in and I felt relieved that he was handling it all. I felt nothing but pure trust in his abilities and also did not bother him too much since I don’t understand these things very well and didn’t want to waste the time he was using to help me by asking questions that I didn’t know much about. Yet, he was always there and ready for anything I needed when I did find a question to ask.

I just feel so blessed and fortunate that of all the people I could have chosen, that Roy came into my world and helped me get out of something that would have collapsed me to my knees if it turned out another way. Considering everything, his cost was low for all that he has done for me. I didn’t even contest the accident in the 7 day time frame which complicates the issue even more than it had to be, but he got me through that too.

I would happily refer Roy Ho to anyone who is having trouble with possible breach of insurance. I know for me, it would have been the loss of a very modest life time of a nest egg which always comes necessary when the aging process becomes necessary (and this is coming soon) and have lived modestly with a low income all my life to protect that for later years. Roy saved this for me. I will be thanking him when my senior time comes when there is little food in the fridge or new eyeglasses because I will be able to have food, and eyewear and dental issues cared for.

You who are considering hiring on this law firm and Roy HO, are dealing with a moral and honest company. He really knows his stuff too. I am so lucky that the fate brought me to him.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Roy. Your helper Jenna was an absolute joy as well and has that compassionate positive energy about her. You helped me so much.”

Kim W.

Hi Roy,

“Just got off the plane from Shanghai and read your message. That’s truly awesome! Thank you for the efficient and effective job you have done to help me get through ICBC to promptly release the hold. I will contact No.1 Collision and ask them to proceed repairing my vehicle.

Thanks again Roy! Good job!

Best regards,”


“Roy Ho is hands down an amazing lawyer. I have had bad experiences with lawyers in the past and really was not expecting much from Roy, but he is a very experienced and hard working individual who is able to work all angles of a case for an optimal outcome. If you are contemplating on hiring Roy for legal matters, look no further as Roy is more than capable for the job-he’s great with communication and really takes that extra step to ensure that he gets the results the client wants. I will be turning to Roy for all my legal advice from now on, and I recommend you do the same! Roy saved me thousands of dollars… I really like the guy!”

C. Chan

“I dealt with two different people at Acumen, The first being Kyla who took care of my IRP and secondly Roy who dealt with the ICBC. I am extremely happy with the professionalism of this firm and its employees as a whole. They both had time to answer my questions and worries, and everything was won in my favour. Please call these guys if you’re in a sticky situation, you won’t regret it!”

B. Rogers


I thank you and your team  for giving me time and  successfully winning my case.”

H. Heran

“Before my motor vehicle collision, I had never worked with a lawyer. Going into a lawsuit with ICBC I didn’t know what to expect and was very nervous about my case. Mr. Roy Ho immediately put me at ease. He explained all aspects of the case clearly and completely. Throughout my case he answered all my questions and was always available to speak to me. He kept me well informed of the status of my case and did exactly what he said he would do. He is genuinely committed to his clients. I am very happy with the service he provided and feel highly confident in referring Mr. Roy Ho to others.”


“5 stars for Roy. Roy at Acumen was simply amazing. Dealing with ICBC outside of buying insurance was completely new to me and I was very pessimistic about my case. However, with Roy’s representation my outcome was 100% favourable. I cannot recommend Roy and Acumen highly enough.”



“Thank you Acumen Law! I could not be more pleased at the level of expertise in which my case was handled. Kyla Lee and Roy Ho helped guide me through what I saw as a dark and difficult journey, after receiving a 90-day ADP. They certainly made it less stressful. Kyla was thorough, professional, and direct in handling my case. She also connected me with Roy, whose expertise got my vehicle repaired by my insurer. Two exceptional lawyers. I have no hesitation recommending their services.”


“Eighteen months ago I was involved in and accident and had to deal with ICBC. Due to some of the complications of the situation, I was encouraged by friends to engage the services of a lawyer. I came to Acumen lawyers purely by chance and was lucky enough to meet Roy Ho. From our first meeting I felt very confident that I was in very good hands. Roy was both professional and very clear about the steps that had to be taken to proceed. From the moment that I decided to engage his services he has been very detailed, attentive and always prompt in answering my enquiries and questions. He mounted my case with a lot of thought and intelligence. I have greatly appreciated his thoughtful guidance throughout this process. As a result of my positive experience with Roy and his firm Acumen Lawyers, I feel confident in recommending them  for any legal services.”


“I must tell you that I am grateful to you for your help and your patience throughout this entire ordeal- you’ve been extremely professional and courteous to me and you have delivered what you told me would come. I am so glad your name was referred to me. In a few days, I will most definitely provide you with a properly deserved positive review for your service and assistance through this matter (just slowly savoring the good news). You will come highly recommended to anyone I know who may need your service.

Again Roy- thank you so very much for all your help, I truly appreciate all you have done!”



“I was involved in a single-vehicle accident which resulted in a total loss of my car. Roy booked me in on a very short notice and was able to assess my situation patiently and quickly. Roy represented me very well was incredibly helpful through the eight months that it took for ICBC to complete my claim. He is always a phone call away when I had any questions and always returned my emails promptly. In the end, I was able to recover the damages with ICBC. I am very happy and grateful with his service and would recommend to anyone in need to an individual to represent them against ICBC.”


“Thanks, Roy you really went above and beyond what I thought what would have happened and I owe you one not just for being honest but also for the hard work and having my back it means a lot to me”


“Hi Roy! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. That is such amazing news ? You have been a dream and I just can’t thank you enough. Here’s hoping our paths never cross again, haha! But I will definitely be passing your name along to anyone I know that needs help. Thank you again!”


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