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The most information about bad breathalyzers

The most information about bad breathalyzers

Roadside gamble (note: ASD image altered for dramatic effect)

We have written many blog posts about bad breathalyzers, malfunctioning units, incorrect police calibration of ASDs and the simple things that so often lead to inaccurate breath results. And if we had the time we could write two blog posts a day describing some of the amazing and horrible things that we find about the Alco-Sensor IV breathalyzers that the police use in BC.

Of course, we collect records concerning ASDs used by police forces all over BC. We would love to get an economist or statistician to sit down with our records and IRP library to determine the propensity of certain types of malfunctions. Of course, when the Government introduced the IRP scheme they were in full-on denial that any of these devices ever malfunctioned or provided inaccurate readings. But we continued to publicize the problems.

One result was that the Government was forced to do an about face and introduce some significant changes to the way that they monitor these devices. We feel, and our records suggest, that their changes, although significant, are grossly inadequate nevertheless. They should go back to the drawing board.

Another result was that the IRP scheme has been a regular topic on newscasts and in the papers. In the recent UVic paper on the IRP scheme the only cause that they seem to identify for the purported decline in DUI accidents and deaths is publicity about drunk-driving laws. Although we reject their analysis and most of their conclusions, we accept credit for keeping people focused on the IRP scheme, and particularly bad breathalyzers used to issue IRPs. We’re glad that our regular television appearances to publicize the problems with the breathalyzers and the IRP scheme has apparently reduced drinking and driving. Shouldn’t we get some award?

We’re not holding our breath.

In any event, we haven’t the time to detail even a small portion of the breathalyzer problems that we find in FOI disclosure concerning Alco-Sensor IVs. However, we’re passionate in our ongoing quest to provide the good people of British Columbia with as much information as possible about Immediate Roadside Prohibitions and to bring this law down with whatever tools we have. So to those ends we have put together more detailed information about the Alco-Sensor IV DWF Approved Screening Devices (ASD) used in British Columbia.

As we explained in a previous post, our website has so much important material that some crucial pages are overlooked by people wanting more information about their 90-day IRP. Some of the most important material concerns the breathalyzers used at the roadside in BC – the Alco-Sensor IV.

Long ago we created a page with information about the Alco-Sensor IV DWF but because it’s not easy to fit under any topic, many people miss it: The ASD – How it Works (Updated: the Alco-Sensor IV was pulled from service in BC in the first few months of 2015. It was replaced with the Alco-Sensor FST)

As we’ve said, we simply don’t have the time to give you all of the information about all of the bad breathalyzers and the problems we see with ASDs in BC. Mainly we’re just too busy doing good legal work for our clients. Still, it’s important that we provide the most information about ASDs and Immediate Roadside Prohibitions.

If you have received and IRP or you’re facing a DUI/Over.08 in BC, give us a call.


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