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Acumen Lawyers Stand with Legal Aid Lawyers

Acumen Lawyers Stand with Legal Aid Lawyers

Acumen Law is offering Legal advice to Legal Aid Lawyers

The majority of services provided by our office do not receive coverage by Legal Aid. First-time impaired driving cases, driving while prohibited charges, Immediate Roadside Prohibitions, traffic tickets, and ICBC breach investigations, to name a few are not generally covered by Legal Aid in BC.

And so the lawyers in our office do not take legal aid referrals. But that does not mean that we do not stand with the legal aid lawyers in their attempts to create a fully-funded and robust legal aid system in this province.

We support them.

Part of our ethos at Acumen Law is to support access to justice. We provide a wide array of information on our website to promote access to important legal information for those facing driving offences. We produce the Driving Law Podcast, write a regular blog, and host the Cases That Should Have Gone to the Supreme Court of Canada, But Didn’t video series because we want to make legal information available. And we spend countless hours each year on pro bono initiatives.

Access to justice is close to our hearts. And the legal aid lawyers who are about to take job action are doing this because they value access to justice. They value it so much that they are willing to be unpaid, and potentially face disciplinary action from the Law Society for their conduct. They are risking everything to stand up for an important legal issue, and they deserve to be celebrated.

To show our support for our colleagues in the Legal Aid bar, Acumen Law is committed to providing as much pro bono legal assistance as possible to any lawyer affected by the job action.

This means that our lawyers will represent, for free, any legal aid lawyer who is facing disciplinary action from the Law Society, who is facing contempt charges from the Court, or who wants to appeal an order requiring them to remain on a file when they wish to withdraw as part of the job action.

Or any other legal issue our colleagues face as a result of the job action.

This is one small service that we can offer to support those among us who are giving up their income and their time to try to promote important issues.

Acumen Law stands with you. And we are here to represent you in any way we can.

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