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As a lawyer, as a private citizen, I see a lot of injustice. I see a lot of people who are accused of crimes they never committed. I see people who are wrongly punished. Our job is to protect our clients from injustice and we do it well.

– Paul Doroshenko – Vancouver criminal lawyer

Drunk Driving

Roadside Prohibitions

Driving While Prohibited


Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

The lawyers at Acumen have the roadside breathalyzers that the police use, a library of unpublished and secret documents and the training and skill to defend Immediate Roadside prohibitions from driving. As Immediate Roadside Prohibition lawyers our practice is devoted to the defence of IRP Driving Prohibitions and DUI cases. We give a free telephone consultation to everyone who calls our office concerning an IRP.

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Impaired Driving / DUI

Vancouver driving lawyers Paul Doroshenko, Sarah Leamon and Kyla Lee have been successfully defending Immediate Driving Prohibitions, Impaired Driving, Over .08 and Refusal to Blow cases throughout British Columbia for 15 years. They know the defences that work and how to challenge driving prohibitions and criminal driving offences.

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Driving Prohibitions / Suspensions

We are the British Columbia Law Office that defends Driving Prohibitions and suspensions and we have the breathalyzers commonly used in British Columbia. Our Driving Prohibition Lawyers challenge Immediate Roadside Prohibitions, Police and ICBC Driving Prohibitions for too many Points, a bad driving record as well as for Failing or Refusing an Approved Screening Device Demand and 90-day Administrative Driving Prohibitions.

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Impaired Driving Help for Lawyers

We provided assistance for lawyers across Canada with impaired driving cases. The defences in impaired driving cases are a moving target. On the one hand there are new decisions coming out all of the time which are often difficult to reconcile. But even if you’re up to date on the published case law, chances are that advances in the science of breath testing and changes to police breath-testing equipment and procedure have left you scratching your head, wondering if you’ve got a defence for your client or found the right defence.

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Hit and Run

We handle hit and run investigations from the start. If the police are knocking at your door or you’re worried that they’re coming to arrest you at work, your first call should be to Acumen Law where we have a lawyer ready to help you right now. We stand in the way of the police to protect you if you’re being investigated for hit and run. We deal with hit and run cases from the investigation stage to the close of the police file.

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ICBC Insurance

Many law firms deal with ICBC injury claims, and we do too, but we also deal with the difficult side of dealing with ICBC which is compelling ICBC to pay the claim under your auto insurance contract. If ICBC suspects that a person has failed to meet one of their obligations under their insurance contract, they will look for evidence and legal avenues to find them in breach of their insurance contract and in many cases, they come back to sue the vehicle owner or driver to collect the money they pay out to the other party.

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Shoplifting is a crime of dishonesty and therefore it is a serious criminal charge. Nevertheless, it is a common offence, often committed by people with no criminal history or involvement with the police. Although theft is considered a crime of dishonesty, people with good morals may find themselves charged with shoplifting. A criminal record for shoplifting simply describes the offence as “Theft Under $5000.“ It does not differentiate a shoplifting charge.

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We are Vancouver Criminal Defense Lawyers who defend assault charges. Whether a domestic assault, or simply a fight that shouldn’t have happened, we defend all cases of assault to protect our clients from a criminal conviction. Assault in Canadian Law includes almost any intentional act of violence toward another person without their consent. Simply waiving your fist may be an assault. Typically, however, the alleged assault includes actual physical contact such as striking another individual.

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Expecting the expected

Drug Charges

As Vancouver Criminal Lawyers we have extensive experience defending all drug charges, from Simple Possession of Marijuana to Trafficking of Cocaine and Heroin. Whether possession of hard drugs or simple recreational marijuana use, we have the knowledge and experience to defend drug charges.

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Sexual Assault

In replacing the historic offences such as rape with the modern offence of sexual assault, Parliament intended to criminalize all assaults which are sexual in nature. The prosecution must first establish beyond a reasonable doubt that an assault was committed. If the alleged victim consented to the act complained of, or there is a reasonable doubt as to whether they consented, the accused must be acquitted. If the prosecution succeeds in proving that an assault occurred and that the victim did not consent, then they must establish that the act was sexual in nature, i.e., that it was such as to violate the sexual integrity of the complainant.

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Depending on the circumstances of the offence and the offender, the case may be dealt with through a restorative justice program. Typically the defendant’s Criminal Lawyer makes a “without prejudice” proposal to the prosecutor to have the matter dealt with out of court. If the prosecutor agrees with the accused’s Criminal Lawyer, the file will move to a corrections official to arrange an assessment of the accused. The Criminal Lawyer then guides their client through the restorative justice program.

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Labour and Employment Law

Our lawyers provide straight-forward, pragmatic advice to deal with employment conflicts quickly and inexpensively. Vancouver labour lawyer Jason Koshman has been on both sides of the table. He understands that getting to the bottom line and resolving problems benefits everyone. That is why Jason Koshman and our legal team work to resolve labour and employment conflicts quickly, cleanly, inexpensively and in a manner most advantageous to our clients.

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Other Offences

24-Hour Emergency Service if you or your loved one has been arrested or is under investigation

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Fort McMurray Criminal Lawyer

We are a British Columbia based law firm with a strong connection to Fort McMurray. We defend clients charged with criminal and driving offences in BC and Alberta. A number of our clients live in BC and work in the oil patch in Northern Alberta. Lawyer Sarah Leamon was born and raised in Fort McMurray and she regularly returns to the city. Criminal Lawyer Paul Doroshenko was born and raised in Alberta and long ago graduated from the University of Alberta law school. He has presented to Alberta lawyers on the use and functioning of the RCMP breathalyzers used in Alberta. We have a direct 24-hour phone number from Fort McMurray to our offices in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Whether you’re applying to simply visit Canada, to live here for work or studies, or wanting to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident, it is good to have an immigration lawyer on your side to help you navigate the complexities of Immigration Law.

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