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The police, the evidence and the forensic analysis of a DUI case

The police, the evidence and the forensic analysis of a DUI case

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We explained in an earlier video that the police are special witnesses in that they have been trained to collect evidence, record evidence and present evidence. What we do as impaired driving defence lawyers is we conduct a forensic analysis of the evidence.

We obtain the police reports, photos, notes and when possible video. We go over it, we pick it apart and we dig. If you watch any of the forensic tv shows, you’ll usually see the police trying to piece together something from evidence they locate.

In impaired driving cases, the police are usually the eye witnesses to the evidence. That’s a very different challenge. When we get the evidence of the police in an impaired driving case, we can see the theory of the police.

What we do is break it down. We break down the material from the investigation. We look for weaknesses in the evidence. We look for other plausible explanations that arise from the evidence. And we scrutinize the evidence to identify aspects that can’t be proven.

It’s tough. For most lawyers it’s something they will never want to take on. For us conducting a forensic analysis of police evidence is something we do every day.

Surgeons who conduct heart surgery every day become super skilled at their job. We defend impaired driving cases, so we’ve become very good at conducting a forensic analysis of police evidence.

If you want one of our impaired driving lawyers on your side, we’re happy to speak to you. We’ve got the expertise to size up the police evidence and plan a strategy to deal with your case.

Give us a call.

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